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It has never been easier to book tennis courts or lessons online! Please, download our app, create a free profile on Liga.Tennis (it takes no more than 2 mins). Once you are Liga.Tennis user, go to the menu "Courts" - find court "Liga.Tennis Center & Academy" and then - book online Court, Coach (or hitting partner) or Group lesson. You will be able to choose the time, indoor/outdoor court, specific coach, add extras and so on.

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 Court rental or private lesson (coach) cancellation: You can cancel a court reservation or private lesson with no charge but not later than 24 hours before booking time. Important! If you cancel a booking within 24 hours, during your next visit you will be required to pay in full your unpaid reservations (court hire, coaches, extras).
Group lessons cancellation: You can cancel a group lesson with no charge but not later than 12 hours before booking time. Important! If you cancel a booking within 12 hours, during your next visit you will be required to pay in full your unpaid missed group lesson. 
Members cancellation policy: Despite your membership plan, a 100% cancellation fee will be applied if you cancel your booking within 24 hours. During your next visit, you will be required to pay in full your unpaid bookings (even those bookings which supposed to be free of charge for you as a member, for example, 1-hour free court rental). All such "incomes" from cancelled members' bookings will be donated to Liga.Tennis Foundation.
Please note that rescheduling is not allowed within 24 hours. In this case, rescheduling = cancellation. 

Regular price vs Package price
 From 16th October 2020, Liga.Tennis Center & Academy (PT PMA Bali Tennis International) is obliged to charge 10% VAT tax (Value Added Tax) for all its products and services. VAT certificate can be viewed here. However, VAT tax is already included in the following programs prices: Lesson & Court Packages, Junior Academy Programs and Adult Group Lessons. There are following benefits to book one of Lesson & Court Packages:  
1. Save money. You book 10 and get 11 lessons. All taxes are included in all packages.  
2. Easy scheduling. If you book a specific coach or hitter, they can assist you with scheduling your lessons. Alternatively, you can also book online each lesson.
3. Get consistent. You will need to use your 11 lessons package within 3 months. So you will consistently play tennis, stay active and keep improving.


Price list
Name Regular price, IDR Package price, IDR
Court Booking (Per hour):
Outdoor Off Peak (7AM-4PM) Rp165,000 Rp136,000
Outdoor Peak (4PM-9PM) Rp220,000 Rp182,000
Outdoor Peak Promo (9PM-10PM) Rp100,000 Rp100,000
Indoor Off Peak (7AM-4PM) Rp245,000 Rp205,000
Indoor Peak (4PM-9PM) Rp275,000 Rp227,000
Indoor Peak Promo (9PM-10PM) Rp200,000 Rp200,000
Extra person (if more than 4 players) Rp110,000 Rp91,000
Touch Tennis (balls & rackets provided):    
Off Peak (10am-4pm, 8pm-10pm) Rp75,000 Rp68,000
Peak (7am-10am, 4pm-8pm) Rp125,000 Rp114,000
Private Lessons:
Hitting Partner Rp165,000 Rp136,000
Tennis Instructor Rp245,000 Rp205,000
Tennis Coach Rp330,000 Rp273,000
Senior Coach Rp440,000 Rp364,000
High Performance Coach Rp550,000 Rp455,000
Head Coach Rp660,000 Rp545,000
Pro Hitter Rp220,000 Rp182,000
Additional player per lesson/hour  from Rp110,000 Rp91,000
Private Lesson Packages:    
10 x Hitting Partner (total 11 lessons) n/a Rp1,500,000
10 x Tennis Instructor (total 11 lessons) n/a Rp2,250,000
10 x Tennis Coach (total 11 lessons) n/a Rp3,000,000
10 x Senior Coach (total 11 lessons) n/a Rp4,000,000
10 x High Performance Coach (total 11 lessons) n/a Rp5,000,000
10 x Head Coach (total 11 lessons) n/a Rp6,000,000
10 x Pro Hitter (total 11 lessons) n/a Rp2,000,000
Video Analysis Rp1,500,000 n/a
Adult Group Activities:
Ladies Coffee Morning Rp150,000 n/a
The Basics Rp150,000 n/a
Cardio Tennis Rp125,000 n/a
Advanced training Rp150,000 n/a
Improver Class Rp150,000 n/a
Social Mixer Rp125,000 n/a
Tennis Extras:    
Ball boy (per hour) Rp100,000 n/a
Racket rental (1 racket) Rp75,000 n/a
Towel rentals - 2 towels (small and big)  Rp40,000 n/a
Live streaming (up to 2 hr/court) Rp100,000 n/a
Other prices:    
Memberships Find here n/a
Camps & Holidays prices Find here n/a
3,5,7-days Packages Find here n/a
Junior Academy prices Find here n/a
Accommodation options Find here n/a
General conditions
No prepayment is required. Payment must be made at reception upon arrival to LTCA before using the court.
Minimum booking time - 1 hour. Maximum booking time - 3 hours. You can book a court within 7 days (9 days for members). You can bring up to 3 guests for your court booking with no charge (so in total 4 people on the court, including booking holder). All additional guests should be charged at IDR 110.000 / person.
Group Activities. Please note that those who book online have priority over those who walk-in.
Liga.Tennis Coins. Upon arrival to LTCA, before you step on the court, you can request a receptionist to use your Liga.Tennis Coins for court, lesson or group activity bookings. More details:


Towels & Equipment rental
Towels can be rented @LTCA at an extra charge. For members towels will be provided for free.
Tennis equipment (rackets, balls, etc) is available for rent @LTCA reception.


Rain policy
In case of rain, the following refunds to apply:
- if rain starts within 30 minutes of court usage - a full court fee to be refunded.
- if rain starts between 30 and 45 minutes of court usage - 50% court fee to be refunded.
- if rain starts after 45 minutes of court usage - no refund provided.


General LTCA rules & regulations
  1. LTCA is open daily from 7 am to 10 pm (7 am first booking and 9 pm last booking).
  2. LTCA does not assume any responsibility for the safety of guests and members using the facility.
  3. Parents are responsible at all times for the good conduct of their children while in the LTCA premises.
  4. Proper dress code must be followed by all guests and players while using the facility:
    Men - tennis shirt and tennis shorts, no shirt not allowed
    Women - tennis shirt and shorts or skirt, no bikini wear
  5. Proper non marking tennis shoes are only allowed on the courts.
  6. Strictly no smoking and vaping in LTCA property (except designated area).
  7. Outside F&B not allowed on the property.
  8. No pets allowed the public areas and tennis courts.
  9. Mobile phones, electronic gadgets must be turned off or on silent mode while on tennis courts.
  10. No gambling on LTCA premises.
  11. LTCA green program  - no single-use plastic bottles please.
  12. As a courtesy to other players, kindly throw all trash in the rubbish bins and towels returned when leaving the court.
  13. Only LTCA coaches are allowed to coach on the property unless approved by Management.
  14. LTCA reserves the right to refuse entry to or eject from LTCA premises any person whom the LTCA Management has declared to be persona non-grata or found to be socially acceptable.
  15. LTCA tournaments/events have priority over any court reservations or bookings.
  16. LTCA By Laws must be followed by all guests and members.
  17. Don't lose your cool, don't be frightening, don't destroy the racquets and court facilities. Love tennis and try to enjoy every single moment on the court.
  18. By using LTCA facilities you are agreed with present rules and regulations.

All rules and regulations are subject to change without prior notice.

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