Liga.Tennis Coins
Play. Share. Redeem.

Whatever you do on Liga.Tennis - playing matches, sharing posts or just following others - get coins and redeem them at our Bali tennis center or through our partners' network around the world. Every single action is rewarded!

The more active you are (as a player or as a member of our community), the more coins you get.
It’s free of charge and there are no obligations for you.

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How to earn Liga.Tennis Coins:
Playing activities:
  • 1 ranking match played but lost = 1 coin.
  • 1 ranking match played and won = 2 coins.
  • 10 group lessons joined  = 2 coins.
  • 10 court bookings made = 2 coins.
  • 1 tournament joined = 4 coins (only verified tournaments).
  • 1 tournament won = 20 coins, runner-up = 10 coins (only verified tournaments).
Social activities:
  • 5 posts = 2 coins (only tennis related posts, news, pictures from a court, etc).
  • 30 comments on others posts = 2 coins.
  • 20 users following = 2 coins.
  • Download Liga.Tennis app = 2 coins.
More exciting ways to earn Liga.Tennis coins are coming soon…

Where to redeem Liga.Tennis Coins:
Bali based users:
  • 1-hour court rental at Liga.Tennis Sanur or Nusa Dua = 30 coins.
  • 1 private hitting lesson with hitting partner at Liga.Tennis Sanur or Nusa Dua = 40 coins.
  • 1 private lesson with tennis instructor at Liga.Tennis Sanur or Nusa Dua = 50 coins.
  • 1 group lesson at Liga.Tennis Sanur or Nusa Dua = 20 coins.


Not Bali based users:
  • Raffle: 1 tennis camp in Bali for 2 pax without flights = 200 coins by the end of the year.
  • Raffle: 1 tennis racket from Head = 100 coins by the end of the year.
  • Raffle: 1 tennis shoes from Asics = 100 coins by the end of the year.
  • Raffle: 3 tennis T-shirts = 50 coins by the end of the year.

More exciting ways to redeem Liga.Tennis coins are coming soon…

Terms & Conditions:
  • Liga.Tennis Coins are expiring on 1st January every year. 
  • Liga.Tennis Coins are reset on 1st February of the following year. So if you didn’t redeem your coins before the new year, you will have one month to do so.
  • Coins are not transferable to the third party including other players or family members.
  • Coins are not exchangeable for money or any other items excepting those listed.
  • If suspicious activity or fraud is noticed, Liga.Tennis has right to refuse on LTC redemption or block an account.
  • Liga.Tennis has rights to change terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • A raffle of prizes will be executed between 1st and 14th January each year.
  • One user can only participate in one raffle of a higher level. For example, users who earned 300 coins are eligible to join a raffle for 200 coins and cannot join a raffle for 100 coins. 
  • Prizes won (after raffles) should be used within the following year.
  • For tennis camps winners: 3-month prior booking reservation is required. Please check the schedule of our Tennis camps here
  • Bali based users can not participate for a raffle of prizes for overseas users.
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