Welcome to the Club! Liga.Tennis Sports Club provides the best conditions for your one stop tennis & fitness experience in Sanur. Keep fit while working out in the gym that is overlooking our tennis courts. Our dedicated team is standby to help achieve a personal fitness goal. After a workout or a tennis match, our members are welcome to relax at our indoor pool and sauna. We are located in the heart of Sanur and it is easily accessible from the Bypass Ngurah Rai.

Fitness Club Membership at Liga.Tennis Sanur offers to its members unlimited access to gym, pool and sauna facilities as well as other benefits. Please visit our Memberships page for more details. 

Gold Coach

- 1 time only: IDR 650,000. Valid for 1 day
- 8 sessions (2 times a week): IDR 3,800,000 (price per session is IDR 475,000). Valid for 2 month.
- 12 sessions (3 times a week): IDR 5,580,000 (price per session is IDR 465,000). Valid for 2 month.
- 20 sessions (5 times a week): IDR 9.000,000 (price per session is IDR 450,000). Valid for 3 month.

Silver Coach

- 5 sessions: IDR 1,800,000 (price per session is IDR 360,000). Valid for 1 month.
- 10 sessions: IDR 3,500,000 (price per session is IDR 350,000). Valid for 1 month.

Bronze Coach

- 5 sessions: IDR 1,500,000 (price per session is IDR 300,000). Valid for 1 month.
- 20 sessions: IDR 5,500,000 (price per session is IDR 275,000). Valid for 4 months.
- 40 sessions: IDR 10,000,000 (price per session is IDR 250,000). Valid for 8 months.

Once Personal Trainer package or session is purchased, this means that a client agrees with all current terms and conditions. Personal Trainer Terms and Conditions can be found below the Gallery on this page. 

Personal Trainer Terms and Conditions: 

  • Personal Trainer and Liga.Tennis Management will not take any responsibility for injuries and any accidents incurred during the session, if the guest did not give the correct and truthfulness of physical health conditions and other health information. 
  • Outside Personal Trainers are strictly not allowed.
  • Personal Trainer Price applies per person, not  transferable to other parties. 
  • Personal Training sessions must be paid prior to the service being conducted. 
  • Time duration for each session is 60 minutes including warm-up and stretching. 
  • Type of training goal will be discussed between Personal Trainers and client. 
  • Session time can be arranged and discussed with the Personal Trainer directly.
  • Tardiness incurred by the guest will be counted as part of the duration.
  • Cancellation should be informed 4 hours earlier prior to your appointment, otherwise it will be counted as completed session.
  • Postponing the scheduled session should be based on the agreement of both parties.
  • Postponement without notification after the last session will be terminated automatically when the membership expires. 
  • Should the Personal Trainer fail to come for the scheduled session, reschedule sessions can be made from both parties.
  • The management has the rights to replace the existing Personal Trainer with another available Personal Trainer without any reason. 

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