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- For better experience, we highly recommend downloading our app for iPhones or Android devices.
- Liga.Tennis is a community which helps players to keep track of their improvement through regular competitive games and puts local players in touch with each other, allowing users to post & share tennis related content and follow each other's activities. The app also allows users to find and book online courts, coaches and lessons. 
- The beauty of the platform is freedom and flexibility. As a player, you can play with anyone within your levels, anytime and anywhere. Play worldwide: you can change your level, city and even country in just one click anytime you want.
- Liga.Tennis is also a social network for tennis lovers. As a registered user, you can enjoy your Timeline to view latest activities in your League or Community, share your own posts (including photos or videos), follow any players you want across the platform and so on. Please find more details below.
- You can choose to play competitive games (Locally, within a Community or in a Tournament) or just hit for fun without scoring (Create a game). These are following differences:

  • Local matches - is a competition within a 30km of a specific region. 
  • Community matches - is a competition within a particular organization or group of people (for example, Federer Fans Singapore Club). Just like with Facebook groups, Communities can be public (everyone can join in one click) or private (Community Organizer must accept new members). Each player can be a member of different communities.
  • Tournament - is a competition among players of any gender, age or level, who have been invited by the Organiser. Compared to Local or Community competitions, you will get more points for winning matches in a Tournament (the more you advance in the Tournament draw, the more points you get for each win). 
  • Create a game - is available for those who are interested in less competitive games. Anyone can create a game, specify venue, level of players, gender and invite other players to play. 

- For competitive players, these are following goals in Liga.Tennis:
Goal 1. To finish a season ("season" means "calendar year") as high as possible in the Community or Local rankings. 
Goal 2. To finish a season as high as possible in the Global ranking (in Global ranking, you can view all players of each level from around the world).
Goal 3. To perform successfully in the Tournaments if you join.
For less competitive players the main goal is to keep fit, have fun and meet new friends. 

Some features:

Enjoy Liga.Tennis platform on your mobile and desktop devices.


Points and rankings          

  • Everytime you are playing a challenge, you earn points and advance in your ranking. 
  • Community ranking position is determined by points that are earned while playing matches only in that particular Community.
  • Local ranking position is determined by points that are earned while playing matches within 30km around a player's location.
  • Global ranking position is determined by the total number of earned points. You can earn points by playing at any available location, Community or Tournament matches around the world. 
  • All players will start a new year with zero points. However, points from the previous years will be seen in all your ladders Local, Community and Global rankings.
  • You earn points for every match you play on Liga.Tennis. You get more points if you:
    - play more matches;
    - win more matches;
    - challenge and win more matches over opponents who are higher than you in the ranking. Accordingly, you earn less points if you challenge and win matches over opponents who are lower than you in the ranking;
    - win a match in straight sets rather than with a tie-break;
    - win more games in each set. 
  • Click here to read more about Liga.Tennis Ranking. 

Leagues and levels 

  • The following leagues are available: Men, Women and Doubles.
  • There are 3 levels available on Liga.Tennis: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. 
    Beginner. You have recently begun playing and are not confident with all your shots. You have little competitive history of tournaments etc.
    Intermediate. You can hit most shots to a good level, and are confident serving and playing points. You may have some experience in amateur tournaments or leagues before.
    Advanced. You are a very confident player with solid shots and perhaps a big weapon. You may have played for a club or in tournaments at regional/national/international levels.
  • During registration, each player will choose the League and up to 2 close levels (for example, Intermediate and Advanced). All points are accounted separately in each level and they will be displayed in the player's rankings. If a player chooses 2 levels (for example, Beginner and Intermediate), this player will appear in 2 separate rankings at the same time, and will be able to send or accept challenges with players from these 2 levels. 
  • If both players have the same levels (for example, Beginner and Intermediate), their challenge result will be registered in lower level (in this case, in Beginner). 
  • All new players will start with 0 (zero) points.  
  • In Doubles you can play any teams of any Level, gender, and age. Please see below for more information on Doubles play.


  • Community - is a competition within a particular organization or group of people (for example, Roger Federer Basel Club).
  • Just like with Facebook groups, Communities can be public (everyone can join in one click) or private (Community Organizer must accept new members). 
  • Each player can be a member of different clubs.
  • Anyone can create their own Community and become a Community Organizer. 


  • Tournament - is a competition among players of any gender, age or level, who have been invited by the Organiser. Only Liga.Tennis Organisers can create a Tournament.
  • All tournament matches can be played anytime and anywhere but within a timeframe (for example, each round must be played within one week). However, it is recommended for Organisers to arrange the venue (court) for a semi-final or/and a final and invite all participants to gather together.
  • Liga.Tennis tournaments are absolutely flexible. It's entirely Organiser's responsibility to set up all tournament rules, entry fees, number of participants, scorings, etc.  
  • Before setting up a Tournament round, the Organiser will choose its format: "Knock-out", "Round-robin", "One Round-robin" or "One Round-robin & final". "One Round-robin" offers only one group where all players play each other, and there is no next stage: the champion is the winner of the group.
  • Round-robin format. A win is 2 points. A loss is 1 point. 
    In the case of a draw in terms of the win–loss record in the group, the following factors, in order, will be used to separate the players:
    - The highest total of matches won
    - Best percentage of sets won/lost
    - Best percentage of games won/lost.
  • For invited players, an Organiser should just send them a link to a Tournament page, and participants should press the "Join" button on that page.
  • There may be tournaments organized periodically between leagues (Inter-leagues tournaments), clubs (Inter-clubs tournaments) and International tournaments.
  • Compared to a Local or Community competition, you will get more points for winning more matches in a Tournament (the more you advance in the Tournament draw, the more points you get for each win).
  • Depending on your country and region, prizes may be presented to the participants and winners of the tournaments.

Liga.Tennis as a social network

  • Timeline. Use the Timeline to see the latest activities around you (30km) or in the Communities you joined: played matches, sent challenges, posts, photos and videos from other players, etc.
  • Share. Now you can publish in your Timeline any kind of posts with texts, photos or videos.
  • Follow. You can follow any player from any country. You will see their posts on your own Timeline as well as being notified when this player plays a match, makes a post, etc. You can always manage people you follow in your profile section “Followings” and change notifications settings.
  • Buy & Sell. Now you can create an Ad and sell your tennis stuff. Your Ad will appear on your League Timeline as well as in the Timelines of people who follow you. It's free of charge.
  • Comments. If you need to comment on a post or player, you can attach a video, photo or emoji to your comment. 

Matches and scoring

  • Matches will be the best of three sets. The third set if needed is a tie-break (until 7), super tie-break (until 10) or regular full set, and players should decide it. If players have different points of view regarding the 3rd set (for example, one player wants to play a tie-break and another - full set), a super tiebreak (until 10) has priority and must be played. 
  • If one of the players does not arrive to play a match, the other player has the right to input default score: 6-0, 6-0.
  • If one of the players cannot finish a match (for example, due to injury), the score must be inputted as a current score for completed games (for example, 6-3), and "1-0" score for all incomplete sets. After that, a button "Ret" (retired) should be chosen. It is recommended to add a reason as a comment on the challenge.
  • If a match has been suspended (for example, due to rain or other external circumstances), players should update a score and press button "Suspend challenge". A sign "Suspended" will be added on the score until they finish this match. Players should continue the match on another day from the current score. 

Liga.Tennis Coins:

  • Whatever you do on Liga.Tennis - playing matches, sharing posts or just following others - get coins and redeem them at our Liga.Tennis Center & Academy in Bali or through our partners' network around the world. Every single action is rewarded! 
  • The more active you are (as a player or as a member of our community), the more coins you get. It’s free of charge and there are no obligations for you.
  • Please find more details about Liga.Tennis Coins on this page: 


  • Once you have joined a local League or Community, you are ready to send challenges and play your matches. After you send a challenge and challenge is accepted by your opponent, you will have access to their email addresses and sometimes phone numbers.
  • As a player, you can challenge anyone in your Levels by only using the system of Liga.Tennis platform. You will both agree on a venue and who provides the balls. It's up to these two players how to split the cost, book the court, etc.
  • If a player can not play for any specific reason (for example, sickness or traveling), a player can deactivate his profile. Press the button "Deactivate my profile" in your profile settings, and other players won't be able to send you challenges until you re-activate your profile.
  • In case of unforeseen delays (rain, etc.), the players should discuss the solutions directly (rearrange for the next day, move to another court, etc.).
  • Suspended challenges. In the event of suspended matches, the players should rearrange to continue their match on another day. If one of the players is not available to continue a suspended match during 30 days, then that player should retire from the suspended challenge, so their opponent will be considered as a winner. 
  • Anyone - winner or loser of the match - can input the result in the online system of Liga.Tennis platform.


How to manage challenges: set up a match, accept, decline or cancel challenges, update results and more? 
Note: you can do all of the below activities using both a laptop or mobile device.

  1. You must be logged in to your profile: . For better experience, we highly recommend downloading our app for iPhones or Android devices.
  2. Press the menu button on the right top corner. Press on Challenges. And then you can see the tabs on the top of the page. 
    Laptop view:
    Mobile device view: 
  3. Press tab “To challenge” to send a challenge to anyone. Simply choose your opponent from the ladder and press button “To challenge” just under their name. As soon as you send a challenge to someone, that person will receive an email-notification. However, it is highly recommended to follow-up them via built-in messenger. As soon as your opponent accepts your challenge, you will automatically receive his (her) personal contact details including mobile phone number and email. 
  4. Press tab “New” to view new challenges that someone sent to you. You can accept or decline these challenges. 
  5. Press tab “Waiting” to view challenges that you sent to someone but they did not accept or reply yet. In this case, you can follow up your opponent by built-in messenger, post a comment on a challenge or cancel this challenge. Remember that you can only have 10 open challenges at the same time. 
  6. Press tab “Upcoming” to view previously accepted by you or your opponent challenges. For registering a match result, after a match you or your opponent will need to update these challenges. Simply press on the Update button and input your match score by sets.  
  7. Press tab “Completed” to view all matches that you have played.

How to get in touch and communicate with other players? 
After you sent or received a challenge, you need to get in contact with your opponent and discuss your match arrangements: time, court, etc. For that you can use following tools available on the platform: 

  • send a private message via Liga.Tennis built-in messenger;
  • post a comment on a challenge in Timeline;
  • or you can also go to section "Challenges" in your profile and view an email and phone number of your opponent. So you can get in touch via SMS, WhatsApp, Email, etc. 



  • In a Doubles you can play any teams of any standard, gender, and age.
  • All existing Singles Rules & Terms are valid for the Doubles matches apart from the areas highlighted below:

Registration and forming a team

  • Registration. There is no additional registration required for playing in the Doubles. As a registered singles player, you only need to choose in your profile “I'm interested in Doubles Challenges” and then select the level for Doubles. After that, the Doubles section will appear in your player profile, where you can assign a partner, send challenges and change your partner, etc. 
  • Adding Doubles partner if you have one. After you choose “I'm interested in Doubles Challenges” in your profile, you will be asked "Do you have a Doubles partner?". If your answer is "Yes", then you will be able to input your partner's name or URL and add him or her. After that, your partner will receive an email-request and will need to confirm your partnership:

  • Looking for a partner. If you do not have a partner, you must select the option “I’m looking for a partner” in the Doubles section. In this case, your name will appear on the list “Looking for a partner.” So anyone can send you an invitation to become a Doubles partner and form a team together. It is up to you whether you accept it or not. 
  • Note: you can have more than one team in Doubles within the same Level and each team must be formed with a different partner.
  • Removal of a partner (ending a partnership). If you want to change your Doubles partner, go to your profile (in the Doubles section) and press the button “End a partnership” In this case, your Doubles team will be disbanded, and your profile along with your ex-partner profile will appear in the section “Looking for a partner” (unless you had more than one Doubles team).
  • Leave the Doubles section. If you do not want to play in the Doubles game anymore, simply go to your profile and remove the tick in front of “I'm interested in Double Challenges.” Your profile will be removed from the Doubles tennis league. 
  • Doubles and Doubles race. "Doubles race" - a ladder of Doubles teams. "Doubles" - an individual ranking of Doubles players. 

Points and rankings

  • Each Doubles player will have two different rankings: 
    - Team Double ranking which appears in section "Doubles Race".
    - Individual Double ranking which appears in section "Doubles".
  • A Team's Double ranking will be available as long as this Doubles team plays matches.
  • Individual Double ranking will be available as long as a particular player plays matches in the Doubles League. It does not matter which Doubles team the individual plays for.
  • After each match, a Doubles team will get a certain number of points. This number of points will be added to the Team's Doubles ranking (Doubles Race). Additionally, each player will get half (50%) from this number of points added into their Individual Double ranking (Doubles).


  • Organiser of the platform is Liga.Tennis™. All rights reserved. 
  • Liga.Tennis is open to the public and community members.
  • The organizer reserves the right to vary or amend the rules and regulations as necessary to ensure the smooth running of the platform.
  • The organizer does not hold any responsibility for injuries while participating in Liga.Tennis. 
  • Liga.Tennis is not responsible for any activities provided by Tennis Communities, League Organisers, Tournament Organisers or players. 
  • By creating a user profile, each player agrees to all the present Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy.

A few simple tips for less stressful and more fun matches:

  • Matches are self-umpired and should be conducted in the spirit of fair play.
  • You call the balls on your side of the court;
  • If you are uncertain, your opponent gets the benefit of the doubt, and the ball is in/out;
  • The server keeps score;
  • Don't invade neighboring courts;
  • Don't lose your cool;
  • Don't be frightening;
  • Don’t destroy the racquets and court facilities;
  • Love tennis and try to enjoy every single moment on court. 

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