Apply for business account to manage easily courts, coaches, clients and store. Anywhere and anytime, from any device. Get new clients from Liga.Tennis Communities.

As a Liga.Tennis Business account you can:

Manage Courts

Manage Coaches

Manage Customers

Manage Store
How your business can be useful for Liga.Tennis users?
  • Create new Liga.Tennis Community, add your court(s) and get ready for a change!
  • Not only your customers but anyone from Liga.Tennis app can book your Court, Court+coach or Group activity. You decide: instantly of upon your approval.
  • Users will be able to choose the time, indoor/outdoor court, type of coach or specific coach, add extras and so on. Like when they book their flight.
  • Depending on your policy, users will be able to cancel or modify their booking within set timeframe.
  • People who join your Community will follow on timeline other players matches, posts and will follow your announcements, product promo and news. They will be engaged with your club through Liga.Tennis app.
How you can manage your Courts?
  • Add any number of courts, indoor/outdoor, add pictures, descriptions etc.
  • Set Hours and availability for each court.
  • Add Group Activities which can be bookable instantly or not.
  • Add Extras. Set an unlimited number of extra services which can’t be missed by your customers while they do a booking. You can sell more balls, grips, massage or even a post-match beer at your facility.
  • Set Discounts for different types of clients or members.
  • Add any number of Admins, set their roles and notification settings.
  • Flexible Settings. Your admin staff can easily create booking conditions: min/max booking times, instant booking or admin approval required, duration ranges and many more options.You can also completely reject bookings at specified times. Prices can be set by day, time, court, duration and user’s status.
How you can manage your Coaches?
  • Set any type of coach and set the fee per hour.
  • Add any specific coach by name.
  • View and manage each Coach personal schedule.
  • View each Coach report: hours on court, money earned, etc.
  • If you need, allow for some coaches to block their schedule by themselves through the app.
How you can manage your Customers?
  • Add any type of customers: for example, regular, member, gold member etc. If needed, create and apply discounts (rules) for each type of your clients.
  • Add any customer manually if they are not registered on Liga.Tennis app.
  • Manage your customers, change their personal details, viewing their booking history, disallowing online booking for some of your clients and much more.
How you can manage your Store?
  • Create any structure of your store: for example, by brand or type.
  • Add any number of items to sell, set prices, control stock, etc.
  • View financial report with suggestions.
You Will Get New Clients
Create new Liga.Tennis Community, add your court(s) and get ready for a change! Not only your customers but anyone from Liga.Tennis app can book online your programs - which will have a prioritized view in our app. Enjoy a full range of our amazing features: timeline, ladders, built-in messenger and much more.
More exciting features are coming soon. For example, online payments.

/ per month / per court

Online Bookings
Flexible Settings
Sell Extras
User Management
Mobile Friendly
Get New Clients
and many more

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