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Liga.Tennis Center & Academy (Umalas)

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A racquet sports paradise for all levels, all ages, all year-round.
Facilities: 5 Tennis courts (4 covered), 4 Padel courts, 2 Squash courts, Physio room, Cafe & pro-shop. 
Programs: Court Rental / Private Lessons / Group Classes / Junior Academy / Padel Lessons & Classes / Squash Lessons. 
Prices (per hour):
Tennis prices: 
  • Outdoor Off Peak (7AM-4PM): Rp170,000 
  • Outdoor Peak (4PM-9PM): Rp225,000 
  • Outdoor Peak Promo (10PM-11PM): Rp115,000 
  • Indoor Off Peak (7AM-4PM): Rp250,000 
  • Indoor Peak (4PM-9PM): Rp280,000 
  • Indoor Peak Promo (10PM-11PM): Rp225,000 
  • Extra person (if more than 4 players): Rp115,000
Tennis Private Lessons:
  • Hitting Partner: Rp200,000
  • Tennis Instructor: Rp306,000
  • Tennis Coach: Rp390,000
  • Senior Coach: Rp500,000
  • High Performance Coach: Rp555,000
  • Head Coach: Rp725,000
Tennis Group Classes: 
  • Ladies Coffee Morning: Rp170,000
  • The Basics: Rp170,000
  • Cardio Tennis: Rp170,000
  • Advanced training: Rp170,000
  • Improver Class: Rp170,000
  • Social Mixer: Rp170,000
Tennis Extras:
  • Video Analysis: Rp1,665,000  
  • Racket rental (1 racket): Rp85,000
  • Ball boy (per hour): Rp115,000
  • Towel rentals - 2 towels (small and big): Rp45,000
Other Tennis prices:    
  • Private Lesson Packages: Find here
  • Memberships: Find here
  • 3,5,7-days Packages: Find here
  • Junior Academy prices: Find here
  • Accommodation options: Find here
Padel prices:
  • Indoor Off Peak (7AM-4PM): Rp300,000 
  • Indoor Peak (4PM-9PM): Rp350,000 
  • Hitting Partner: Rp200,000 
  • Padel Coach: Rp500,000
Squash prices:
  • Off Peak time (7AM-4PM): Rp220,000 
  • Peak time (4PM-9PM): Rp250,000 
  • Hitting Partner: Rp200,000 
  • Squash Coach: Rp500,000
Adresse: Jl. Bumbak Dauh, Umalas/Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
Téléphone: +628 7771 400 500
Site web:
Nombre de courts: 11
Surface: Dur, Gazon artificielle
Caractéristiques: Intérieur, Extérieur, Casiers, Cafe, Car parking
Ajouté par Liga.Tennis Official

Regular price vs Package price (tennis). Going to play tennis at least once a week during the next 3 months? Book one of our packages. There are following benefits:  
1. Save money. You book 10 and get 11 lessons. All taxes are included in your package price. 
2. Easy scheduling. If you book a specific coach or hitter, they can assist you with scheduling your lessons. Alternatively, you can also book online each lesson.
3. Get consistent. You will need to use your 11 lessons package within 3 months. So you will consistently play tennis, stay active and keep improving. 

Memberships (tennis). Become a member now. We offer 60, 120 and 240-hours membership options with great benefits and flexibility. A limited number of memberships available.

Junior Academy (tennis). From 4 year old beginners, to 18 year old pros! Our after-school academy has a place for every junior player! Using a ‘Games-Based’ approach from our youngest participants, our Liga.Tennis coaches focus on building the foundations for not only a successful tennis player - but a happy and healthy athlete. Details: 

Padel: Easy to Book & Fun to Play. We provide an exceptional sports and padel club experience for our community, their families, and guests in a welcoming and friendly environment. Details: 

Squash: The only squash court in Canggu / Umalas and Sanur areas. Details: 

Cancellations (tennis). Court rental or private lesson (coach) cancellation: You can cancel a court reservation or private lesson with no charge but not later than 24 hours before booking time. Important! If you cancel a booking within 24 hours, during your next visit you will be required to pay in full your unpaid reservations (court hire, coaches, extras).
Group lessons cancellation: You can cancel a group lesson with no charge but not later than 12 hours before booking time. Important! If you cancel a booking within 12 hours, during your next visit you will be required to pay in full your unpaid missed group lesson. 
Please note that rescheduling is not allowed within 24 hours. In this case, rescheduling = cancellation. 

Rain policy. In case of rain, the following refunds to apply:
- if rain starts within 30 minutes of court usage - a full court fee to be refunded.
- if rain starts between 30 and 45 minutes of court usage - 50% court fee to be refunded.
- if rain starts after 45 minutes of court usage - no refund provided


No tennis balls for sale at the centre?????? How can we play if you can't buy tennis balls
· Répondre · 21 Oct '19 at 14:25
Can I rent a racket or two?
· Répondre · 14 Jan '20 at 14:21
Is it possible to rent rackets and balls:)?
· Répondre · 04 Mar '20 at 09:45
We would like to book a court + coach (Marinko) next week, but the schedule only allow make bookings this week, why?
· Répondre · 15 Jun '20 at 19:45
Hi want a Court amd couch pls tom possible
· Répondre · 25 Jan '21 at 11:52
Why are you allowing fraudsters to use your app. A con artist from the UK who fled the country living in Bali with all investor embezzled funds
His name is Steven Worboys
· Répondre · 14 Apr '21 at 22:35
This place is awesome!❤️✨ I tried squash here yesterday
· Répondre · 11 Aug '21 at 06:26
Hi i wanna book the the halfcourt basketball court but i Cant find the court In online booking
· Répondre · 07 Sep '21 at 09:34
Hi how to book private lesson for tomorrow please help me thanknyou
· Répondre · 02 Nov '21 at 08:01
Hello, we can book coach for two people? It is similar price?
· Répondre · 25 Apr '22 at 18:18
Hi i want to play tennis tomorrow evening is it possible
· Répondre · 17 May '22 at 06:58
Hi, I've signed up to the ladies coffee morning are rackets and balls provided?
· Répondre · 25 May '22 at 15:46
i didn't find basketball courts in booking online
· Répondre · 05 Jul '22 at 19:04
hi, pickleball rackets and ball available for rent?
· Répondre · 01 Aug '22 at 09:28
How to book private lesson in apps?
· Répondre · 27 Aug '22 at 19:26
Do you have social Pickleball sessions ??
· Répondre · 16 Sep '22 at 10:46
Is there a possibility to rent court shoes for the Squash court ? :)
· Répondre · 01 Oct '22 at 19:22
Do you have basket of balls for rent???
· Répondre · 08 Oct '22 at 09:53
Hello, I want to take squah lessons, how do I find an instructor?
· Répondre · 20 Nov '22 at 10:39
Hi! If i book a tennis lesson and coach, do you offer basket of balls for lesson? Or do i have to buy balls for lesson?
· Répondre · 11 Dec '22 at 21:07
Hi. For the tennis court booking, do I just book a slot on the app, and pay on the spot when I arrive?
· Répondre · 21 Dec '22 at 08:25
Hi there, Can I do private coaching session with multiple people in it?
· Répondre · 05 Jan '23 at 14:12
Hi, trying to book a private lesson in the next few days. I can select a coach but unable to book a court. Does that mean I'm unable to book anything this weekend?
· Répondre · 13 Jan '23 at 11:28
Hi there, I cant select the date for my booking. Am traveling to bali seminyak and would like to book your Academy at Umalas on 30th to 31st March 2023. Please help.

· Répondre · 20 Feb '23 at 07:55
is it possible to rent balls for padel or is ot mandatory to buy a pack if i don't bring balls myself?
· Répondre · 15 Apr '23 at 13:10
Why is there no option to rent a pickleball court?
· Répondre · 15 May '23 at 16:05
Can I rent tennis shoes?
· Répondre · 29 Jul '23 at 05:32
Is the tennis court (umalas) indoor?
· Répondre · 01 Aug '23 at 07:23
Hi I wanna book a private class but all time slots are blocked online expect group class. Any other channel to book a private class? Line? WhatsApp?
· Répondre · 21 Sep '23 at 13:24
Looking for squash buddies - Advanced
· Répondre · 23 Sep '23 at 04:48
can i making an advance booking for Dec 22 to Dec 30? I been trying to call the main number and cannot get through.
· Répondre · 29 Sep '23 at 10:54
Please let me know

· Répondre · 02 Oct '23 at 08:38
Hi! Could you assist, I would like to book private class paddle with coach , 1 for me and same time 1 for my grandson with other coach, this Thursday 26th, how I can book it through app?
· Répondre · 23 Oct '23 at 13:54
Hi, I would like to have few hitting sections or private coaching from 3rd to 5th Nov early morning or evening while I am in Bali. Can you please help? I am unable to see availabilities and I tried to call office yesterday but no response.
· Répondre · 03 Nov '23 at 04:47
Is pickleball played here?
· Répondre · 18 Nov '23 at 13:13
Hi, Liga Tennis

· Répondre · 27 Nov '23 at 07:47
Hi Liga Tennis

· Répondre · 27 Nov '23 at 07:47
Hi Liga tennis

· Répondre · 27 Nov '23 at 07:47
Hi Liga Tennis I would like to book a hitting partner each day fro December 20 to 24th. I played there last year with your hitting partners. When I tried to book online, it seems that no one is available. I am a good player and if someone is free during those days, I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely Krish Trobe

· Répondre · 27 Nov '23 at 07:49
Hey 🙌🏻I'm looking for a tennis coach for me👐🏻
· Répondre · 01 Dec '23 at 14:44
I want to join a Padel but it says 13 spots taken while 8 available. Can I still join?
· Répondre · 18 Dec '23 at 13:39
Hello I’d like to book the court on 2/12, 13, 14. Can I book here?
· Répondre · 10 Jan '24 at 13:57
Do you have pickleball?
· Répondre · 15 Jan '24 at 18:40
Hi I will be in seminyak March 10-12. I can’t book a court with coach at 7-8am. Pls advise.
· Répondre · 25 Feb '24 at 04:44
How do I book foreign coach Carlos for my daughter during our visit in June?
· Répondre · 14 Apr '24 at 09:35
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