Padel is a mix of tennis and squash which combines work out with fun and social interaction. It's usually played by four players or doubles and a great sport for players of all ages and skills. Most players get basics within the first half an hour of playing so they can enjoy the game.

Why Padel tennis?


Easy to Play

Anyone can play right away

Fun and great cardio

Suitable for all ages and all levels

Comfortable facility

5 covered courts & 1 covered singles court

Easy to book

Book online via Liga App.

Name Time Included Price
1 hour Court Rental Off Peak (7am - 4pm & 9pm - 10pm) - Rp 300K
Peak (4pm - 9pm) - Rp 350K
1 sess Group Class Everyday, 9 am to 6 pm Court, Coach, Equipment Rp 150K
1 hour Private Lesson Everyday, 7 am to 9 pm Court, Coach, Equipment Rp 500K
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Padel scored just like tennis. 15/0, 30/0, 40/0, game or deuce. There is no advantage. If a game goes to deuce, the winner of that point wins the game. It is like a sudden death.

- A padel court court.
- A padel net.
- Padel rackets (not be longer than 45.5cm, no wider than 26cm and no thicker than 38mm).
- A padel ball.
In the most basic sense, all you need to play padel is four players across two teams, a racket each and a ball.

You basically have to follow tennis rules. A game is scored exactly the same as tennis ie. 15/0, 30/0, 40/0, deuce, advantage etc

In padel all points begin with an underarm serve into the service box diagonally opposite.
- If the first serve is a fault then a second serve is played.
Once the ball is in play, all balls which cross the net must then bounce on the ground on the opponent’s side before hitting a glass or wire wall
If the ball is returned over the net and then hits your opponents wall before hitting the ground the point is lost.
- Players may hit a volley except when receiving serve when the ball must bounce first.
- Players may hit the ball after it has bounced on a wall to return it to the opponent’s side

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