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About us

Welcome to the Liga.Tennis family - a community of like-minded people who are united by similar values and interests. We have a tennis center based in Bali and a rapidly growing tennis app with thousands of members across the planet.

Now it’s time to share our success, energy and love with those who need it the most . We have created Liga.Tennis Foundation to:
1. Support talented Indonesian junior players who want to pursue a professional career, but don’t have the resources to make it happen.
2. Help the disadvantaged in Bali - let’s make their lives happier through sport!
3. Organize charity tennis and non-tennis events.

Liga.Tennis Foundation

Supporting talented Indonesian junior players.

Liga.Tennis coaches will travel around Indonesia to scout tennis talents and help them to relocate in Bali (LTCA) and achieve their dreams.

How does it work?

Step 1. With the help of Liga.Tennis app, we will launch and promote junior tennis tournaments across Indonesia.
Step 2. Our coaches will travel to the locations to organize the events onsite.
Step 3. During the tournament, our coaches will search (scout) for the talented children with the right mindset.

Once selected, Liga.Tennis will offer the parents of the prospect to move to Bali for training at Liga.Tennis Center & Academy. Depending on agreement, Liga.Tennis will cover accommodation, travel and training expenses.


Support disadvantaged in Bali - let’s make their lives a little bit happier!

Each Sunday we will allocate 2 hours to dedicate our time for help the disadvantaged play tennis at LTCA in Bali. It doesn’t matter what is their tennis level. But it makes a huge difference if we can brings some joy while playing a game in a friendly and nice surrounding.

After around 1-2 hours of playing (maybe even without racket) we will provide some fresh juice and food for the participants.


Charity tennis and non-tennis events.

With the strong support of the Liga.Tennis brand worldwide, we aim to organize different kinds of events here in Bali with participation from world-famous tennis players and celebrities.


Donations & Expenses report.

Integrity and transparency are integral values to Liga.Tennis.
We will provide transparent report of all donations and all expenses in real time.

How to help?

Thanks for your generosity
Liga.Tennis Foundation is a registered charity company in Indonesia.

We are welcomed to receive any amount of donations – ranging from individual donations to corporate. Every donation is received with much gratitude and one-hundred percent of funds raised is used to help people through tennis.

Integrity and transparency are integral values of Liga.Tennis. We will provide a transparent report of all donations and all expenses in real time.

Donate now. Even a little help makes a huge difference!

Become a sponsor

For companies we are happy to offer various sponsorship opportunities. We are happy to promote your brand through our channels worldwide as well as provide free usage of our facilities in Bali and much more.

Partner with us now, and make a difference through sport!

Join as a volunteer

We are looking for recruits for our Sunday activity program for disadvantaged people in Indonesia!

Come and help give something back to the local community through our great sport! We are looking for coaches & volunteers to help to drive these Sunday events and make people happier.

Join our charity team, get on court and make a difference!

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