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Liga.Tennis Сourts (Nusa Dua)

Covered tennis courts facility located in beautiful Hilton Resort Bali in Nusa Dua. 
Facilities: 3 covered tennis courts, pro-shop, locker & shower room, free water (refill).
Programs: Court Rental / Private Lessons / Group Classes / Lesson Package / Tennis Community / Events & Tournaments / Many More.
Rates & Prices: 
  • Covered Tennis Court (8AM - 8PM): Rp250,000 / hour
  • Extra person (if more than 4 players): Rp110,000 / hour
Tennis Private Lessons:
  • Hitting Partner: Rp200,000 / hour (balls rental include)
  • Tennis Instructor: Rp309,000 / hour (racket & balls rental include for 1 person)
  • Senior Coach: Rp500,000 / hour (racket & balls rental include for 1 person)
Tennis Group Classes: 
  • The Basics: Monday, 9 AM (1 hour), and Sunday, 10 AM (1 hour)
  • Ladies Morning Tennis: Wednesday, 10 AM (2 hours), and Sat, 10 AM (2 hours)
  • The Basics Evening: Thu, 7 PM (1 hour), and Fri, 6 PM (1 hour)
  • Intermediate Drills: Friday, 4 PM (2 hours)
  • Beginner Drills: Sat, 2 PM (1 hour)

    *Price of group classes Rp170,000 / pax / session. Free water refill on the court!
Tennis Extras:
  • Racket rental (1 racket): Rp85,000
  • Extra Person (for Lesson): Rp110,000
Adresse: Jalan Nusa Dua Selatan, South Kuta, Bali., Bali, Indonesia
Téléphone: +628 1914 000 800
Site web:
Nombre de courts: 3
Surface: Dur
Caractéristiques: Intérieur, Casiers, Car parking
Ajouté par Liga.Tennis Nusa Dua


Regular price vs Package price (tennis).
Going to play tennis at least once a week during the next 3 months? Book one of our packages. There are following benefits:  
1. Save money. You book 10 and get 11 lessons. All taxes are included in your package price. 
2. Easy scheduling. If you book a specific coach or hitter, they can assist you with scheduling your lessons. Alternatively, you can also book online each lesson.
3. Get consistent. You will need to use your 11 lessons package within 3 months. So you will consistently play tennis, stay active and keep improving. 

Cancellations (tennis). Court rental or private lesson (coach) cancellation: You can cancel a court reservation or private lesson with no charge but not later than 24 hours before booking time. Important! If you cancel a booking within 24 hours, during your next visit you will be required to pay in full your unpaid reservations (court hire, coaches, extras).
Group lessons cancellation: You can cancel a group lesson with no charge but not later than 12 hours before booking time. Important! If you cancel a booking within 12 hours, during your next visit you will be required to pay in full your unpaid missed group lesson. 
Please note that rescheduling is not allowed within 24 hours. In this case, rescheduling = cancellation. 

Rain policy. In case of rain, the following refunds to apply:
- if rain starts within 30 minutes of court usage - a full court fee to be refunded.
- if rain starts between 30 and 45 minutes of court usage - 50% court fee to be refunded.
- if rain starts after 45 minutes of court usage - no refund provided. 


can i string my rackets at liga tennis nusa dua? what time does the facilities to string rackets open?
· Répondre · 25 Jun '21 at 22:27
How do I book a private lesson ?
· Répondre · 19 Jan '23 at 10:16

Hey! please tell me....)

I want to book tennis lessons for the first time.

when should I pay online or on the court when it's time for my tennis practice?

· Répondre · 23 Jan '23 at 14:28
Hi there I made a booking and it was pending confirmation but I made changes to the time of the booking on the same day and the changes were made within 5 minutes due to this error. I hope I do not have to pay twice for 1 session
· Répondre · 14 Feb '23 at 18:29
· Répondre · 14 Feb '23 at 18:32
I hope someone can help me out here thank you
· Répondre · 14 Feb '23 at 18:33
Why lesson with partner 355k ?
· Répondre · 06 Mar '23 at 20:12
Hi! I spontaneous decided to stay longer in Bali and I want to start up with tennis here. I saw there is equipment rental at the place. That’s great! Does anyone now where to buy (Nike) tennisshoes over here?
· Répondre · 24 Mar '23 at 10:41
Hi. I pressed wrongly to book the class. Can someone please message me back?
· Répondre · 15 Jun '23 at 07:03
Can anyone make a game over the next week My level is intermediate / advanced 👍
· Répondre · 22 Jun '23 at 12:13
Hi i am wondering if there is a tennisshoes for rental?
· Répondre · 07 May '24 at 00:43
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