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Индонезия, Bali
празднует сегодня День рождения. Напишите свои пожелания!
06.06.22 в 15:30
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Denis Goldberg вступил в Squash Club ⚫️
02.06.22 в 07:42
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Peter jones вступил в Squash Club ⚫️
Hi there, I’m moving to Bali on the 20th of June and was happy to see there’s a squash court in Umalas. I’ll be looking to find as many A grade players to play as possible 👍🏻
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Any members want to play Squash in Sanur??
Yup I can play in sanur. I’ll message you too
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27.05.22 в 05:03
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Dave Arnold вступил в Squash Club ⚫️
30.04.22 в 11:53
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Christina Christina вступил в Squash Club ⚫️
09.04.22 в 00:35
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DAVID ST вступил в Squash Club ⚫️
18 Aug '21
Рейтинговый матч сыгран
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Dmitry Shcherbakov

Alex Fielding
Already play with him this morning
· Ответить · 17 Aug '21 at 17:39
We can do a small tournament Saturday morning
· Ответить · 17 Aug '21 at 17:39
I'm playing Alex tomorrow so let me check my level. I think I'm more into tennis 🤔 So I'll get back to you.
· Ответить · 17 Aug '21 at 17:54
WA +6281339769217 I ll play anyone from intermediate upwords🙏🏼
· Ответить · 26 Feb '22 at 11:36
Hey guys, I would be keen to play any players from intermediate level onwards. Also, thoughts on a squash ladder..?
Hi am about that level, WA for a game 🙏🏼 +6281339769217
· Ответить · 26 Feb '22 at 11:34
Ladies and Gentlemen, Greetings from Canggu. I am staying here in a while and I would love a game. I think in american terms i'm prbably a 4 to 5 level player, advanced intermediate. anwyay, i love the game and have played off and on for 30 years. Pleaes call me and let's hit!
Messaged you 🙏🏼
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26.02.22 в 11:27
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Ivan P вступил в Squash Club ⚫️
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Telegram group "Squash Canggu", mostly russsian speaking players: https://t.me/+Cm3r9zMRMDJmMWFh
Hi, I am looking for a squash partner, I played a few years back, and I wanna get back to it. I guess now I'm beginnner/intermediate level. I have flexible schedule, best time for me is 10am-1pm.
16.02.22 в 08:13
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Alex Yusupov вступил в Squash Club ⚫️
11.02.22 в 17:01
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Tabita Priscilla вступил в Squash Club ⚫️
10.02.22 в 13:32
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Nicholas Levenstein вступил в Squash Club ⚫️
02.02.22 в 14:01
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Иван Бакановский вступил в Squash Club ⚫️
празднует сегодня День рождения. Напишите свои пожелания!
27.01.22 в 10:59
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Ilia Moltianinov вступил в Squash Club ⚫️
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