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Suzanne Langlen Court

Adresse: 75016 Paris, France, France
Téléphone: +3301 44 26 26 50
Site web:
Nombre de courts: 13
Surface: Dur
Caractéristiques: Intérieur, Extérieur
Ajouté par Liga.Tennis Official

Details of Paris city tennis courts: 11 outdoor and 2 covered

Short 1 to 5: synthetic discovered
Please note: grounds 1 to 5 are in poor condition and dangerous for practice, especially for matches, the surface of these courts is irregular and dangerously slippery in certain places (especially 3 and 5), falls are frequent (I m 've personally broken my wrist when I fell),
Courts 6 to 10: Porous concrete discovered
Courts: 11 and 12: Covered porous concrete
Court 15: exterior resin
Suzanne Lenglen
short 11 and 12

Surface: Porous concrete, resin and synthetic

Fields located in the middle of a huge park with various sports equipment, behind the Aquaboulevard, it takes between 5 and 10 min walk

Price: € 9 at full price, € 5.40 at a reduced price
Short covered rates: € 17 at full rate, € 9.40 at a reduced rate


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