Liga.Tennis Open 2021 Enregistrement terminé
Indonesia, Bali
Bali Tennis
Date dé début: 06.11.21
Date de fin: 14.11.21
fin inscription: 02.11.21
Rules and Regulations:
  1. Players can join maximum 3 categories (if a player joins the wrong category, for example, an open player entering an advanced category, no refund for the fees).
  2. Format of draws can either be single knock out or round robin format, depending on the number of entries on respective categories.
  3. All matches will be played at LigaTennis Nusa Dua, Liga.Tennis Umalas and Liga.Tennis Sanur.
  4. Tennis balls will be provided (Head Tour).
  5. Matches will be the best of three sets. The third set if needed is a super tie-break (until 10). 
  6. Matches are self-umpired and should be conducted in the spirit of fair play. You call the balls on your side of the court. If you are uncertain, your opponent gets the benefit of the doubt, and the ball is in/out.  
  7. Tournament Organiser does not hold any responsibility for injury whilst participating in this event..  
  8. Tournament Organiser’s decisions are final regarding the entry categories, seeded numbers, disputes etc. 
  9. Participants will be registered for the draw only after the entry fee is paid. So entry fees should be paid soon after joining the tournament.
  10. Final Day's all championship matches will have umpires to officiate the matches.
  11. Tournament Director: Raphael Jordan Sanchez
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