Bryan Tjahjakartana Indonesia, Ligue tennis homme
- Niveau avancé
Je suis un entraîneur de tennis
I start to play tennis 25 years ago, switch from badminton as my background sport.Now I like to compete in ITF Senior tournament, hopefully I can also sight seeing many more great places all around the world with this program from ITF.See you in court !Cheers
A propos du joueur
In everyday life I am happily teach my piano students at my studio in West Jakarta and doing chemical & raw materials purchasing for PT.Empat Musim, a cosmetic company established in 1956.
I am happily married with Dr.Yvonne since 2003.In the future I like to add some skills in 

Plus de 20 ans

Plus d'une fois par semaine

Sometime ago I win a church tournament in Solo Jateng. Single & double in walikota cup in Salatiga. Runner up at UTS Sydney tournament B grade.
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Je suis flexible et peut jouer partout dans ma région
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