TouchTennis is a modified version of tennis played on a compact court with foam balls and shorter (21 inch) rackets. TouchTennis is one of the best ways for beginners or completely new players to introduce tennis. Anyone can play TouchTennis right away from the first day.

Why Touch tennis?


Very easy to play

Anyone can play right away.

Affordable for everyone

Only 75k / hour with equipment provided.

Healthy and injury-free

Great workout, and lower impact on the body.

Social and fun

Enjoy singles or doubles games.

Equipment is provided

Rackets and balls are included.

Easy to book

Book online now via Liga.Tennis App.

Name Time Included Price
1 hour court rental with rackets & balls Off Peak
(10am - 4pm; 8pm - 10pm)
2 rackets & balls Rp 75K
(7am - 10am; 4pm - 8pm)
2 rackets & balls Rp 125k
Hitting partner Anytime Coach, Rackets, Balls Rp 150k
Private coach Anytime Coach, Rackets, Balls Rp 200k

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We've got answers! 

The appeal of TouchTennis is the fun factor and the rules which are more lenient and pretty different to tennis itself. All shots are allowed and players can move from one side of the court to the other.

It’s just like tennis, not as strict when it comes to serving and to leet shots and all style shots are allowed. You can hit the ball up, down, side ways or any way you choose. As long as the ball bounces once, or not at all, and stays inside the court, the game continues.

It’s loads of fun and ideal for a holiday sport, after-school sport, weekend fun, picnics and more.

And of course, if you want to take TouchTennis seriously, you can join clubs, play with like-minded TouchTennis players and follow the relatively new touch tennis circuit.

- A touch tennis court, 12 x 6 meters, easy to improvise in the garden.
- A touch tennis net, easy to improvise.
- 21 inch touch tennis rackets.
- A foam touch tennis ball.
The beauty of the TouchTennis equipment is that touch tennis sets can be bought online, they are inexpensive.

You basically have to follow tennis rules, but with one serve only, let balls count and there are no advantages. Here are the basic rules for you:

- The racket is spun to see who serves first and who receives.
- The server only has one serve, unlike tennis where there are two.
- The serve is done to the receiver, diagonally, and must land in the service box.
- If the serve clips the net, the ball is in play.
- The server can serve overhand or underhand.
- The receiver cannot volley the ball on the first return.
- Once the ball is in play, it is open house!
- Rallies go on for as long as they can, until one player makes a mistake.

TouchTennis scored just like tennis. 15/0, 30/0, 40/0, game or deuce. There is no advantage. If a game goes to deuce, the winner of that point wins the game. It is like a sudden death.

Sets are short – the winner of the set is the player to reach 4 games first. If the game goes to 4 all, a tiebreak is served up to 5 points. The best of 3 sets are played.

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