Rules & Regulations


  1. All LTCA members and guests Liga.Tennis Center & Academy (LTCA) agree with present Rules & Regulations by using LTCA facility and joining LTCA programs.
  2. LTCA is open daily from 7 am to 10 pm (7 am first booking and 9 pm last booking).
  3. LTCA does not assume any responsibility for the safety of guests and members using the facility.
  4. LTCA members are held responsible for the conduct and for all expenses of his/her guest(s).
  5. Parents are responsible at all times for the safety and good conduct of their children while in the LTCA premises.
  6. Proper dress code must be followed by all guests and players while using the facility:
    - Men - tennis shirt and tennis shorts, no shirt is allowed
    - Women - tennis shirt and shorts or skirt, no bikini wear
    - Proper non marking sport shoes only
  7. Strictly no smoking in LTCA property.
  8. Outside F&B not allowed on the property.
  9. No pets allowed at the public areas and tennis courts.
  10. Mobile phones, electronic gadgets must be turned off or on silent mode while on tennis courts.
  11. Only LTCA approved notices maybe placed around LTCA property. Personal notices may not be posted without prior approval by management.
  12. No gambling on LTCA premises.
  13. LTCA green program - no single-use plastic bottles please.
  14. As a courtesy to other players, kindly throw all trash in the rubbish bins and towels returned when leaving a court.
  15. Only LTCA coaches are allowed to coach on the property, unless approved by Director of Tennis.
  16. LTCA reserves the right to refuse entry to or eject from LTCA premises any person whom the LTCA Management has declared to be persons non-grata or found to be socially not acceptable.
  17. LTCA tournaments/events have priority over any court reservations or bookings.
  18. LTCA By-Laws must be followed by all guests and members.

All rules and regulations are subject to change without prior notice.

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