Liga.Tennis Pro Academy
Train Like a Pro - with in Bali’s tennis paradise at Liga.Tennis Pro Academy. Headed up by our professional coaching team who will work personally with each student. 

Perfectly located at our brand-new dedicated tennis center in the heart of Bali’s prime area, with more than 330 sunny days a year, Liga.Tennis Pro Academy provides the best possible training conditions and a truly individual approach for current and future professional tennis players.




We can ensure an individual approach for everyone, as our Pro Academy consists of only 16 students. Each of our students will be in daily touch with our coaching team. You don't have to go anymore far to Europe or USA to train tennis professionally. 

Perfectly located in the heart of South Bali, we offer 6 professional ITF-standard tennis courts, 4 covered courts, an equipped classroom, restaurant, lockers, lounge, warming-up fitness area and tennis store. We have also a clay court available nearby. 

Bali is a beautiful island with friendly people, developed infrastructure and a wide range of activities. To make it fun for our students, we will do regular trips around the Island.


Our team


A former junior national champion in the Philippines and played NCAA US Collegiate Tennis, Jordan coached in different hotels, resorts and clubs worldwide. More details
Pursika is a veteran tennis coach from Bali and has had many different coaching positions for hotels, clubs and even national programs. More details
Komang start her career as an athlete since she were young and played junior Fed Cup for Indonesia, held an ITF junior world ranking and went on to achieve a WTA world ranking. More details




Programs & Prices
For current and future professional tennis players. From 12 years old.

  Week Months
1 1 3 6 12
20 Hours On-Court Training a Week
10 Hours Fitness Training a Week
Weekly Matchplay Sessions
Video Analysis on and off-court
Free use of courts when available
Weekly Classroom Theory Session
Weekly Group Activity
Monthly Matchplay Video Analysis Session
Monthly Activity/Bali Day Trip
Physical Assessment
Goal-Setting Session
Mental Training Session
Medical Check-Up
Typical week



Our partners Elev8 Residence (run by a tennis enthusiast!) are opening a brand-new guest-house facility just 15 minutes drive from Liga.Tennis Center & Academy.… Read more
Liga.Tennis Pro Academy has partnered with certified international school - Pro Education School Plus Bali, to ensure our players also excel academically… Read more
The US College system is a great pathway for 18+ players to continue their tennis journey whilst also getting a great education and learning how to deal with the… Read more
Liga.Tennis Pro Academy players will have access to additional performance programs including but not limited to: 1-on-1 Mental Training 1-on-1 Personal Training… Read more
For those students wanting extra help with their English, we have links for private English tutoring using the classroom facilities at Liga.Tennis Center &… Read more
Together with our fitness & medical partners we have access to professional solutions for: Medical check-ups Sports massage Acupuncture Postural Analysis… Read more
Players can also arrange recovery sessions with access to: Sports or regular massage Ice Baths Hot Baths Steam Room & Sauna To help with post-training recovery. Read more
Many top pros look to yoga to improve and mainain there flexibility and ROM (range of motion). Here on the island of the gods, yoga may be the most popular activity… Read more

Why Bali?
Top reasons why Bali is a great place for training tennis professionally.
Professional option in Asia. It's no longer necessary to send players to Europe or the US to train like a pro!
Good weather. With around 330 sunny days a year, Bali provides great conditions for enjoying tennis and life.
Wide range of activities. Besides tennis, you can enjoy the rest the island has to offer yoga, surfing, spiritual classes, hiking, and so on.
Developed infrastructure. Just like any developed city, Bali’s has everything here: international standards schools, hospitals, shopping, restaurants and of course our tennis center.
Beautiful nature. Beaches, rice fields, jungles, mountains, lakes, rivers - it's a beautiful place to explore.
Friendly people, rich culture. Bali is unique by its very friendly people and culture. Its also a very safe place to live.
Suitable for any budget. There are choices for different budgets: accommodation, food, activities, lifestyle.
Beautiful nature. Beaches, rice fields, jungles, mountains, lakes, rivers - it's a beautiful place to explore.



As a student of Liga.Tennis Pro Academy you don’t have to be ranked, it’s not necessary. But what we expect is that you already train in a serious capacity and most likely compete in regular tournaments. What we care about is the right attitude, a willingness to learn and readiness to work hard. 

If you feel you are not ready for the full time Pro Academy, alternatively, Liga.Tennis offers other competitive options such as out Tier 1 classes and private sessions.

Yes, we do have an evaluation process. If you are coming for “Weekly” or “One Month” programs, you will be asked to complete an online form detailing your tennis experience as well as send us videos of you playing. 
To register for the longer programs (3-6 months and annual) it is necessary to demonstrate a certain level of tennis, which will be evaluated by the management of Liga.Tennis Pro Academy headed by Marinko Matosevic.
Please, remember that we have only 16 slots available. So space is very limited. 

Yes, there are regular tournaments in Bali: national, regional as well as tournaments organized by Liga.Tennis. In addition, we will often arrange a very competitive Liga.Tennis challenge match play for our students. There are regular ITF Junior tournaments in Java, very closeby Bali. Also our students can travel for other tournaments around Indonesia and/or overseas (Singapore, Australia, China, etc) and it will be discussed with each parent (sponsor) individually. Tournament planning will be communicated to all parents on a regular basis to prepare every player correctly for their schedule.

If you’re travelling with your child, you can stay wherever you want here in Bali. Please contact us and we will recommend you best options.
If you want to send your child to train at our Pro Academy alone without parents (or supervisors), your child will be staying at nearby apartments and will be entirely under our responsibility. There will be house guardians on-site to look after any boarding players.

Of course, please come visit us anytime you want. Liga.Tennis Center & Academy is open 7 days a week between 7 am and 10 pm. Please drop us an email before you come, so we will arrange an inspection for you.

Step 1. Send us email. And  then we will ask you to complete the online form. 
Step 2. Proceed with the evaluation process (depending on your program length): tennis, fitness, medical check up, attitude and personal behaviour. 
Step 3. If you pass evaluation, we will issue a contract (student enrollment) as well as the parent or legal guardian of the student, in case it is less than 18 years.
Step 4. A non-refundable 50% deposit of the total amount of the program is required to pay in advance. The rest will be required to pay within 3 days of arrival in Bali.


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