Liga.Tennis Organisers

Liga.Tennis Organisers are natural networkers in their city, village or area who can take the lead as volunteers and make money from their tennis hobby.

You are very welcome if you are:
? passionate about tennis like us. Even better if you are a tennis opinion leader and have some followers.
? ready to manage your region Liga activities online from your mobile phone or laptop.
? able to invite as many people as possible from your area to join our community.


What is Liga.Tennis?

Liga.Tennis is a community which helps players to keep track of their improvement through regular competitive games and put local players in touch, allowing to post & share tennis related content and follow each other's activities. There also available various monetizing features for advanced users: tennis leaders, academies, coaches, courts, etc. Liga.Tennis is free of charge, and there are no any obligations for all parties.

Some features of the platform:

Enjoy Liga.Tennis on your mobile and desktop devices.

What do you get as an Organiser?

You can make money by simply doing what you are doing - playing tennis. Your profile will be upgraded to "Organiser" with the following additional features:
? You can control and manage your region liga activities online from your mobile phone or laptop, anywhere and anytime.
? You can create tournaments of any format (Knockout, Round Robin, Singles, Doubles, Men, Women, Kids). With an entry fee or without - it's up to you.
? You can create Clubs of any format (for example, Kids or Doubles tennis club). With a member fee or without - it's up to you.
? You can manage the Coaches and Courts listings.
? You can manage the Buy & Sell listings.
? You will get an advanced analytics tool and will be able to see all your Liga regional reports.
More monetizing features to come! It's all free of charge for you.

What do we ask in return?

Nothing! If you are interested, we would like to be sure that you are able to invite some players to join our community. As soon as you have signed up just 50 players to Liga.Tennis, your personal profile will be upgraded to “Organiser”.  

Our Organisers:

Message to the people who are involved in growing Liga.Tennis community as Organisers: 


Ready for it or need more info?


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