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The Liga.Tennis platform has two ranking systems - ’Ranking’ and ‘Race’ (Points) both calculated by our ranking formula, which takes into account how highly ranked your opponent is and how easy or difficult the match was - based on the score.


Liga.Tennis Ranking

For the Liga.Tennis Ranking just your last 24 results count from your last year - on a rolling 6 month system. So any matches played more than 6 months beforehand will not be  counted.
Each Tuesday (we chose this day because many amateur tournaments run on weekends and organizers usually fill results on Sunday and Monday) our system takes the last 24 matches of each player, calculates a sum of ranking points and saves the player’s ranking.

Liga.Tennis Race (Points)

The Liga.Tennis Race starts from the 1st January and runs the calendar year. You can collect as many points as possible until the last day of the year and be ranked based on total points.

The Liga.Tennis Ranking Formula

For every match played on Liga.Tennis each player receives points depending on the match format:
- 3 set match: win = 10 points, lose = 4 points.
- 3 set match (up to 4 games): win = 7, lose = 2,8.
- 1 set match: win = 5, lose = 2.

For regular matches each player will receive an additional bonus points if:

  1. They beat a player with a higher ranking:
    +14 points - difference more than 150 points
    +12 - from 120 to 150
    +10 - from 100 to 120
    +9 - from 90 to 100
    +8 - from 80 to 90
    +7 - from 70 to 80
    +6 - from 60 to 70
    +5 - from 50 to 60
    +4 - from 40 to 60
    +3 - from 30 to 40
    +2 - from 20 to 30
    +1 - if difference is more than 10 points
  2. They beat a player with the same ranking (when points difference is less than 10 points):
    Lost < 3 games = 3 additional points
    Lost < 6 games = 2 points
    Lost < 9 games = 1 points
    Note: this amount is for a regular 3 set matches. Similar to points for other formats player receives less additional points. I.e. for 1 set match might receive 1.5, 1 and 0.5 accordingly.
  3. Lose to a player with the same ranking:
    Won > 3 games = 0.5 point
    Won > 6 games = 1 point
    Won > 9 games = 2 points

For matches within a tournament:
Starts with a second round in tournament each player receives +10% to match points. I.e. if player A in regular match gets 10 points for win, in second round player gets 10 + 10% = 11 points, in 3d round = (10 + 10%) + 10% = 12.1 points etc.

If during the last 24 matches, you play more than 3 matches with the same opponent (except tournaments matches), you will not get any points starting from the 4th match. However, the match result can be updated, and it will be saved for your Head2Head record with that opponent. 

Every 1st of January Race points will be erased to 0.


Bali Tennis Race 2023

Only for Bali based players. Aiming to increase tennis participation in Bali, Liga.Tennis launches an exciting initiative called “Bali Tennis Race 2023”. Everyone who will play matches or join tournaments during the year, will have a good chance to win prizes from Liga.Tennis as well as from its partners. And those who will finish the year in TOP-5 will get guaranteed prizes. But let's remember: having fun & keeping active is how everybody wins! Find more details on Bali Tennis Race 2023 page:

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