Liga Social Mixer Tournament FREE Tournament is over
Indonesia, Bali
Start date: 24.01.18
Format & Rules.
  1. Tournament format is "Round-robin" with two groups (A and B) where all players play each other in the same group. After all group matches are completed, semifinals will take a place where #1 from Group A will play #2 from Group B and #1 from Group B will play #2 from Group A. All matches will be played anytime and anywhere without timeframe.
  2. Participants: Women / Men / Joniors / Kids of Amateur level only will compete in Singles matches.  
  3. Final match may be played at one specific venue within one day. An exact date and venue for the finals will be announced later.
  4. Matches will be the best of three sets. The third set if needed is a super tie-break (until 10).
  5. Once Round is created, you will have access to the email addresses and telephone numbers of your opponent. You will both agree on a venue & time, and it's up to you how to split the cost, who will book the court, etc.
  6. Matches are self-umpired and should be conducted in the spirit of fair play.
  7. Anyone - winner or loser of the match - should input the result in the online system of Liga.Tennis Tournament page.
  8. If one of the players did not arrive to play a match or withdraw before the day of the match, the other player should input default score: 6-0, 6-0.
  9. If a match has been suspended (for example, due to rain or other external circumstances), players should not update the scores online (otherwise, label "ret" will be added for any incomplete scores) until they finish this match. Players should continue the match on another day (but within timeframe) from the current score.
  10. If you have technical issues (for example, can’t update the score), please contact Organiser as soon as possible.
  11. Tournament Organiser does not hold any responsibility for injury whilst participating in a Liga Social Mixer Tournament.  
  12. Tournament Organiser’s decisions are final.
  13. To participate in Liga Social Mixer Tournament you should press "Join" button on this page.
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