Kuala Lumpur Liga.Tennis Tournament FREE Tournament is over
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Start date: 17.02.18
End date: 17.02.18
Entries close: 14.02.18
Format & Rules.
  • Format (Knock-out or Round-robin) 
    - Men Open Level - Round robin (2 groups).
    - Women Open Level - Round robin (1 group only) ​​​​​​.
    - Amateur Men Level - Knock-Out. 
  • Matches will be Pro-Set 8, modified advantage scoring (sudden death). 12 points tie-break at 7 games all. 
  • Finals will be modified 3 sets, 3rd set is super tie-break. 
  • 5 minutes warm up only. 
    There are no umpires, honesty system applies. Players call and keep scores. If there is any dispute on a call, a player can request a referee to observe the match only. 
  • Winner of each match must return the balls with the score sheet. 
  • Tournament Director’s decision is final! 
  • Anyone - winner or loser of the match - should input the result in the online system of Kuala Lumpur Liga.Tennis Tournament page.
  • If one of the players did not arrive to play a match or withdraw before the day of the match, the other player should input default score: 6-0, 6-0.
  • If both players can’t play their match, they will be both disqualified from Tournament.
  • If one of the players cannot finish a match (for example, due to injury), the score must be input as a current score for completed games (for example, 6-3), and "1-0" score for all incomplete sets.
  • If you have technical issues (for example, can’t update the score), please contact Organiser as soon as possible.
  • Tournament Organiser does not hold any responsibility for injury whilst participating in a Kuala Lumpur Liga.Tennis Tournament.  
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