Индонезия, Bali
Bali Tennis
Начало турнира: 25.10.22
Конец турнира: 30.10.22
Регистрация закрыта: 26.10.22
1. Our Padel Tournament will follow a round robin format.
2. Matches will be divided according to the different categories (i.e. all beginners will play round robin-organised matches in one day, and the following days will be played by the other categories)
All semifinals and finals will be held on the last day of the tournament.
3. Teams will play more than one match per day.
4. Matches will consist of the best of 3 sets (1st to 6 games, tie break at 6 all) and the third set, will be a super tie break.
5. No advantage scoring (at deuce it will be sudden death, receivers choice).
6. At the end of the round robin matches, the top teams will go to the semifinals or finals.
7. There will be no umpires, the honesty system applies.
8. The tournament director's decisions are final.

Tournament Director: Alex Humbey & Komang Sri
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