Liga Social Mixer Tournament FREE Турнир завершен
Индонезия, Bali
Начало турнира: 24.01.18
Tomorrow 1pm at the Istana regency finals between Dima and Alex... come and see who’s the BEST UKRAINIANE.... beers for me, the umpire! Hehehe
· Ответить · 07 Mar '18 at 20:18
Guys if you can come to watch tomorrow final. 1 pm. Istana regency. 
Beer and wine are provided ✌️
· Ответить · 07 Mar '18 at 14:32
Ok semifinals!  Let’s get it going!!!!  Time to see who’s going through.. good luck and have fun to all!
· Ответить · 25 Feb '18 at 17:06
Gideon vs Hendra and Miko vs Adrian... have these last matches been played yet????  
· Ответить · 20 Feb '18 at 14:49
Hi again, Adrian Pol Miko Hendra and Gideon, let’s get all the matches done buddies!!!!  Enjoy your games.
· Ответить · 10 Feb '18 at 19:13
Hi again to all, just to update everyone, JONAS AND BONI have withdrawn from the tournament due to travel and injury... we will REVISE AND UPDATE THE SCORES as per written in the rules and regulations with this scenario.  Thanks and stay tuned!
· Ответить · 08 Feb '18 at 12:40
Hi again to all the players.... there are still matches that needs to be played. Let’s keep them going and GREAT JOB TO EVERYONE for keeping the tournament on schedule.  
· Ответить · 08 Feb '18 at 12:15
Hi everyone,
I’m in Japan at the moment and will be for another 10 days. If this is a problem for the tournament to move forward, you can just forfeit my matches and I will participate again in the next tournament. See you soon!
· Ответить · 08 Feb '18 at 10:07
Friendly reminder: play your matches as we need to proceed with semis and final! 
· Ответить · 08 Feb '18 at 07:22
Liga Social Mixer Tournament has been launched! Play your group matches as soon as you can but at least one match in one week. 
· Ответить · 21 Jan '18 at 11:43
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