Peter Van oosterhout Индонезия, Мужская лига
- Продвинутый уровень
Я тренер
have 30 years experience in the netherlands in giving tennis lessons on all levels.
now many injuries so do it little bit quiet.
also we did running for 12 years a tennis centre with 7 courts and organise many tournaments.
my own level go down because off age and injuries, but still fanatic.
stay on Bali from end Oct till end march.
Об игроке
Peter from Holland . 56 years off age.
played many tennis between 1985-2010. Now retired and start to play golf and bridge  
play for fun and after tennis is very important
level go down because off age and injuries.
like matches but also only training to hit more balls
lives between Changgu and Tanah lot. Stay on Bali from end Oct - end march
Play 40 years.
30 years give lessons
played competition and many tournaments.
now many injuries, but still play little bit.
like to meet people, playing and after tennis

Более 20 лет

Раз или два в месяц

Yess ! Open toernaments and club championships
Желаемые районы играть матчи или заниматься спортом
Я могу играть где-угодно в моем регионе
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