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Brighton College Tennis Courts

Добавлено Joris

Адрес: Brighton College Bangkok, Hua Mak, Bang Kapi, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand
Телефон: TBA
Покрытие: Хард
Услуги: Открытый

Very good surface, enough space all around and a solid fence and lightning.

Located to the north-east, so if you live near Ramkhamhaeng it's an excellent choise.

Price is a bit higher (300 per hour), but converted to a western currency that's not a crazy amount anymore.

The only downside is the wind. The courts are situated in a very open area, and the usual breeze transforms in a wild obstacle. It might be smart to give them a call and ask if they have installed windscreens yet.

You can buy drinks.

update : as of 2023, the price is more than double.
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