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Panchabut Tennis Court

Добавлено Joris

Адрес: 36 ถนนนาคนิวาส แขวงลาดพร้าว เขตลาดพร้าว Khwaeng Lat Phrao, Khet Lat Phrao Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10230, Bangkok, Thailand
Телефон: +6625387498
Кол-во пространств: 5
Покрытие: Хард
Услуги: Открытый, Стенка

Great environment to play, as there are trees around the court, a big wooden house and a big stone-looking rock in the background. If you play on sunday, there is no staff present and you can just serve yourself and put money in a small box.

The surface is insanely fast though, and there is not much space between the fence and the baseline.

You can buy drinks.

If you live in Wang Thonglang / Lat Phrao area, you might want to give this club a visit.

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