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Адрес: Jalan Nusa Dua Selatan, South Kuta, Bali., Bali, Индонезия
Телефон: +628 1914 000 800
Вебсайт: http://bali.tennis
Кол-во пространств: 3
Покрытие: Хард
Услуги: Крытый, Аренда оборудования, Раздевалка, Душ

Liga.Tennis Nusa Dua is the second Liga.Tennis location in Bali, located minutes from the beautiful Sawangan Beach and inside the Hilton Bali Resort premises. 3 professional ITF-standard covered tennis courts (Hilton Bali Resort)  allow for play all year round!


Courts rental rates:
Covered courts. (Hilton Bali Resort)
Indoor Off Peak (8AM-4PM;)  Rp150,000  
Indoor Peak (4PM-8PM;)   Rp175,000  
Online booking:
Please use our online booking system for:
- Court rental bookings.
- Individual lessons bookings.
- Group activities bookings.
It has never been easier to book tennis courts or lessons online! Please, create a free profile on Liga.Tennis (it takes no more than 2 mins). Once you are Liga.Tennis user, go to the menu "Courts" - find court "Liga.Tennis Courts" and then - book online Court, Coach (or hitting partner) or Group lesson. You will be able to choose the time, covered courts, specific coach, add extras and so on.
To register: https://liga.tennis or download our App for iPhone or Android devices.

Court rental or private lesson (coach) cancellation: You can cancel a court reservation or private lesson with no charge but not later than 24 hours before booking time. Important! If you cancel a booking within 24 hours, during your next visit you will be required to pay in full your unpaid reservations (court hire, coaches, extras).
Group lessons cancellation: You can cancel a group lesson with no charge but not later than 12 hours before booking time. Important! If you cancel a booking within 12 hours, during your next visit you will be required to pay in full your unpaid missed group lesson. 
Members cancellation policy: Despite your membership plan, a 100% cancellation fee will be applied if you cancel your booking within 24 hours. During your next visit, you will be required to pay in full your unpaid bookings (even those bookings which supposed to be free of charge for you as a member, for example, 1-hour free court rental). All such "incomes" from cancelled members' bookings will be donated to Liga.Tennis Foundation.
Please note that rescheduling is not allowed within 24 hours. In this case, rescheduling = cancellation.

can i string my rackets at liga tennis nusa dua? what time does the facilities to string rackets open?
· Ответить · 25 Jun '21 at 22:27
How do I book a private lesson ?
· Ответить · 19 Jan '23 at 10:16

Hey! please tell me....)

I want to book tennis lessons for the first time.

when should I pay online or on the court when it's time for my tennis practice?

· Ответить · 23 Jan '23 at 14:28
Hi there I made a booking and it was pending confirmation but I made changes to the time of the booking on the same day and the changes were made within 5 minutes due to this error. I hope I do not have to pay twice for 1 session
· Ответить · 14 Feb '23 at 18:29
· Ответить · 14 Feb '23 at 18:32
I hope someone can help me out here thank you
· Ответить · 14 Feb '23 at 18:33
Why lesson with partner 355k ?
· Ответить · 06 Mar '23 at 20:12
Hi! I spontaneous decided to stay longer in Bali and I want to start up with tennis here. I saw there is equipment rental at the place. That’s great! Does anyone now where to buy (Nike) tennisshoes over here?
· Ответить · 24 Mar '23 at 10:41
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