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Sports & Spa by Tararom

Добавлено Joris

Адрес: Sports & Spa by Tararom, Ramkhamhaeng Road, Min Buri, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand
Телефон: TBA
Вебсайт: http://www.ssthailand.com/
Кол-во пространств: 5
Покрытие: Хард
Услуги: Открытый, Стенка, Раздевалка, Душ

Play tennis outdoors, and take a cool dive and massage after. This place has it all and can provide you with an excellent day trip.

The courts are fine. Not new, but not damaged either.

About 2/3 times a year they actually organize tournaments on this location in the TATP league.

Ideal if you live in Min Buri, but nice anyway to threat yourself (and family) a little bit.

You can also play golf, badminton, get a workout done in the gym, and improve your self defence skills with muay thai or taekwando.

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