On Friday 21st I'm going to play my last Liga.Tennis challenge. And then I'll quit for one month. I'll be available to play any social tennis, with coaches but not for the score.

The reason is that I have to change my grip. It is painful.

Sorry guys I'll cancel my open challenge Terry Omata, Gidion Hutabarat and others. We will play soon after Liga.Tennis Open.
No need to change grip, play as you like man..Gasquet has extreme strange grip and still playing and have fun in tennis 馃馃馃槅
Reply 18 Jun '19 at 15:50
Tell your IT team to allow us to add GIFs into comment section. You deserve a crying baby GIF. 馃槱馃槱馃槱. When is the next 馃彄tourney. #stillthechamp 馃弳
Reply 18 Jun '19 at 17:08
That鈥檚 why I let you win today so your are not that down ))
Reply 18 Jun '19 at 20:17
ohh come on Dima, the grip is fine, just the mindset,at this age, we play just for fun n giggles
Reply 18 Jun '19 at 22:18
We have unfinish buesnese here mate..No way!!!
Reply 19 Jun '19 at 08:10
Ohhh COME ON now! The big tournament is around the corner!
Reply 19 Jun '19 at 08:51
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