Beauty 馃憤馃幘馃構
Reply 07 Apr '19 at 11:21
niceee...thats where we are drinking after tennis hehehe....whats wrong with the system yaa? rankings r not showing, challenges also??.....
Reply 07 Apr '19 at 21:18
Jo is already drinking, lol
Reply 08 Apr '19 at 13:35
Jimmy Roland...we have spoken a few times but we have never met and played together...I feel I owe u a match...i'm going to challenge u :) hehehee
Reply 09 Apr '19 at 01:58
Can鈥檛 wait
Reply 09 Apr '19 at 16:40
Looks great
Reply 09 Apr '19 at 18:02
Would anyone know if the tournament in Bali will have any seeds and if so -on what basis?
Reply 13 Apr '19 at 00:13
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