Smash Tennis Academy Singapore Singapore, Men Tennis League
- Intermediate level
I am a tennis coach
In Smash Tennis Academy, our tennis programs are catered for individuals with intentions to learn tennis as a long-term goal. In order for our participants to grow, we want to provide a productive and safe environment to learn and fall in love with tennis.

We welcome aspiring tennis players and supportive family members and friends who have contributed to the growth of the academy. With your support, we strive to establish ourselves as one of the prominent tennis academies in Singapore in developing and shaping our tennis players.

Finally, we want to provide our clients with the best training possible. Therefore, the foundation of the academy is solely build based on the trust and respect shown between our players, coaches and the rest of the members of Smash Sports Academy. This is to show that Smash Tennis Academy is the right place for you
About player

10 to 20 years

Once or twice a month

Preferable areas to play or do sport
Iā€™m flexible to travel anywhere in my area
Singapore, Singapore
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