Aiming to increase tennis participation in Bali, Liga.Tennis launches an exciting initiative called “Bali Tennis Race 2023”. Everyone who will play matches or join tournaments during the year, will have a good chance to win prizes from Liga.Tennis as well as from its partners. And those who will finish the year in the TOP-5 will get guaranteed prizes. But let's remember: having fun & keeping active is how everybody wins!


1. Bali Tennis Race starts from the 1st of January 2023 and runs through the calendar year. Players can earn as many points as possible by playing:

  • regular ranking matches (i.e. “challenges”) in the Bali Tennis community.
  • in the official tournaments organised by Liga.Tennis Bali in 2023.

2. Categories: Men’s Intermediate, Men’s Advanced and Women’s Intermediate-Advanced. However, during the year there will also be organised “non Bali Tennis Race” events, such as Liga.Tennis Open 2023, doubles tournaments, junior and other events.

3. Tournaments organisation. There will be official tournaments during the year divided into 2 categories: “Liga.Tennis Slam Series” and “Liga.Tennis Super Sunday Tournaments” + “Bali Tennis Race Finals”. The Liga.Tennis Slam Series events will be 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) and Liga.Tennis Super Sunday Tournaments will be 1 day (Sunday).

The last tournament of the year will be the Bali Tennis Race Finals (December 2023) where top 8 players of each category will compete.

4. Points. During the year players can earn points and advance in their rankings by playing regular ranked matches and participating in the tournaments. Players will get more points by joining tournaments than playing regular ranked matches

Points from regular ranked matches - 
Points from tournaments:

Liga.Tennis Slam Series:
- Round of 16 > 30 points (win), 12 points (lose)    
- Quarter Final > 60 points (win), 24 points (lose)
- Semi Final > 90 points (win), 36 Points (lose)
- Final > 120 points (win), 48 points (lose)
- Winner > 300 points

Liga.Tennis Super Sunday & Bali Tennis Race Finals:
 - Quarter Final > 30 Points
 - Semi Final > 60 points
 - Final > 90 point      
 - Winner > 180 points

5. Liga.Tennis Coins. In addition to earning ranked points, all players will get Liga.Tennis Coins. Whatever you do on Liga.Tennis app - playing matches, sharing posts or just following others - get coins and redeem them at our Bali tennis centers or through our partners' network. Every single action is rewarded! The more active you are (as a player or as a member of our community), the more coins you get. It’s free of charge and there are no obligations for you. Details: 

6. If suspicious activity or fraud is noticed, Liga.Tennis has right to refuse in Bali Tennis Race 2022 participation or block an account.

7. If during the last 24 matches, a player play more than 5 matches with the same opponent (except tournaments matches), a player will not get any points starting from the 6th match. 

8. The year end or race winners will have to move up to the next category for the next year's race. Liga.Tennis Slam Series only goes up to the advanced category, so this means a player winning the advanced race is allowed to stay in the advanced category the following year.


Based on results of 2023, the best 5 ranked players of each category will receive valuable prizes in January of the following year:

For all categories top-3 players will get:

  • #1 - Tennis + Fitness membership at Liga.Tennis Sanur: 3 months / 1h court per day / free access to gym. 
  • #2 - Voucher for 30-hours court rental (any court, any time) at Liga.Tennis Sanur.
  • #3 - Voucher for 20-hours court rental (any court, any time) at Liga.Tennis Sanur.
  • #4 - Voucher for 10-hours court rental (any court, any time) at Liga.Tennis Sanur.
  • #3 - Voucher for 15 group lessons at Liga.Tennis Sanur. 


Additionally, a Raffle will be organized for all players who won’t make TOP-5 by the end of the year but participate in at least 50% of the organized tournaments:

All categories:
1 Tennis + Fitness membership at Liga.Tennis Sanur: 1 month / 1h court per day / free access to gym.


Prizes’ Terms & Conditions: 
- All memberships and Cash vouchers are strictly non transferable and winners can not make booking on someones’ behalf.
- Memberships can not be freezed. 
- Cash and non cash vouchers can only be redeemed at Liga.Tennis facilities for court rentals or private & group lessons. Vouchers are not transferable and can not be freezed. 
- Memberships and vouchers can not be combined. 
- Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.


1. Entry fees: 
- Liga.Tennis Slam Series: Rp. 450,000 / player.
- Liga.Tennis Super Sunda: Rp. 400,000 / player.
- Bali Tennis Race Finals: Rp. 400,000 / player.
The entry fee includes court fee and balls. The participants don't have to book the court. 

2. Players will need to register for each tournament once registration is open.

3. Players can join the maximum 1 category. If a player joins the wrong category, there is no refund on fees.

4. Knock out format. Matches will be the best of three sets. The third set if needed is a super tie-break (until 10).

5. All matches will be played at Liga.Tennis facilities in Umalas or Sanur. The exact location will be announced once registration is open.

6. Matches are self-umpired and should be conducted in the spirit of fair play. You call the balls on your side of the court. If you are uncertain, your opponent gets the benefit of the doubt, and the ball is in/out.

7. Tournament Organiser does not hold any responsibility for injury whilst participating in this event.

8. Tournament Organiser’s decisions are final regarding the entry categories, seeded numbers, disputes etc

9. Participants will appear in the draw only after the entry fee is paid. So entry fees should be paid soon after joining the tournament.

10. Tournament Director: Alex Humbey

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