COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Update from 21.03.2020 in response to the COVID-2019 threat.

As a preventive measure, we’ve decided to be proactive, and there are new safety initiatives from our management: 

1. All Group Activities including Junior Academy sessions have been suspended until further notice. 

2. Private lessons and court rentals remain without changes.

3. No entry for those who are unwell. We will not allow both customers and staff to enter the facility with flu-like symptoms. Please stay at home if you feel even mild symptoms.

4. Liga.Tennis requests that no-one arriving from overseas within the last 14 days can visit the facility.

5. If you decide to sit at cafe, please ensure that you don’t sit next to each other and keep the social distance of at least 1m. If there are available tables, we recommend choosing different tables. 

6. We ensure that our cafe, kitchen and housekeeping teams follow the highest hygiene standards when it comes to clean furniture and premises. Only single-use paper cups and plates to be used for serving foods and beverages at our cafe. 


Why is 1-on-1 tennis one of the safest sports today?

- Distance. As you know tennis is a very “lonely” sport. Considering the size of the court you are very far from your partner or coach.  

- Disinfected balls and rackets. For each new private lesson we will use disinfected balls and rackets (if you don’t bring your own) 

- No physical contact. We keep all the doors open, so when you’re here - you can easily avoid touching anything including doors. 

- Highest hygiene standards. Our tennis, housekeeping and cafe teams are following the highest hygiene standards when it comes to clean tableware, premises, furnitures. 

- Access to wash your hands. We place hand sanitizers everywhere needed as well as we have 14 wash basins. Please make sure that you wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds. 

- Bali has no real public transportation and this is for once good news. Our guests and teams arrive at LTCA using their own transport which is safe for you and the community. 

If you want to remain active and play tennis, it can boost your immune system. Just make sure to stay safe and alert! 
Our management is monitoring the situation and will act accordingly in case of any changes (including directives from government).


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