Combine fitness with tennis for the ultimate stamina session! Monday is for the Cardio Tennis Evening at 7 pm with intense drills and lots of high-octane fun! Everyone is welcome to join the group lesson - regardless of your level. Book your class now via WhatsApp +6287771400500 or drop us a line at [email protected] ? See you on court!

Liga.Tennis Open 2019 tournament in Bali! 🏆
$8,000 USD prize money300 players from all over the worldBrand new Tennis paradise in BaliLive YouTube streamingOn-court interviewsPre-tournament training camp
Tournament date: August 3-11
Pre tournament camp: July 29 - August 2
Location: Liga.Tennis Center & Academy
Join Bali’s most exciting international tennis tournament at Liga.Tennis Center & Academy. We are on track to host over 300 players from all over the world and you can get your hands on our $8,000 USD plus prize pool!
For added excitement we will have live streaming on YouTube combined with selected on-court interviews with the players. So all your friends, coaches and family can see you play live at the Liga.Tennis Open 2019.
Want to prepare in the best way possible? Join our exclusive Liga.Tennis Open camp from July 29 until August 2. A full 5 day training to get you all ready to become the best. Interested? Send an email to “[email protected]” and get ready!
For more information please check or contact us directly:
Phone / WhatsApp: +628 7771 400 500
Yes! This is going to be so good!
· Reply · 06 Jul '19 at 17:40
Looking forward to play and watch open players matches 👍
· Reply · 07 Jul '19 at 15:17 Joining us once you have chances to Hanoi, Vietnam
· Reply · 15 Jul '19 at 20:26
looking forward and im joining 😊
· Reply · 18 Jul '19 at 00:59
You can follow any player from any country. You will see their posts on your Timeline as well as being notified when this player plays a match, makes a post, etc. If you don't want to be notified (via email, push or both), please manage people you follow in your profile section “Followings” from both web or mobile app versions. 
Introducing Liga.Tennis Coins! 
Whatever you do on Liga.Tennis - playing matches, sharing posts or just following others - get coins and redeem them at our Bali tennis center or through our partners' network around the world. Every single action is rewarded! The more active you are (as a player or as a member of our community), the more coins you get. It’s free of charge and there no obligations for you. 
Please find more details on how to earn and where to redeem your coins here:
Wow greats programs
· Reply · 09 Jan '19 at 11:05
Yg di bandar lampung ada ?
· Reply · 09 Jan '19 at 14:34
Greeting from Vietnam! Very good apps.
· Reply · 09 Jan '19 at 15:08
How to create a group..?
· Reply · 09 Jan '19 at 20:28
Hey tennis lovers, 
Welcome to our inaugural tournament - Liga.Tennis Open 2019 which will be held from August, 03rd-11th in Bali.
A final call regarding the early bird entree fees. For those who register before March 2019, we are offering a special early-bird price (50% off). All participants will be requested to pay an entry fee after 01.05.2019. 
Details & Sign up:
· Reply · 22 Feb '19 at 15:39
would like to join
· Reply · 25 Feb '19 at 19:21
Join now and see the new facility!
· Reply · 26 Feb '19 at 06:34
just joined the tournement
· Reply · 27 Feb '19 at 11:05
How lucky you are? :) 
· Reply · 27 Jun '18 at 16:47
· Reply · 05 Feb '19 at 13:21
· Reply · 08 Feb '19 at 08:05
· Reply · 13 Feb '19 at 01:12
Just watched it! The legend! 
Thanks Slav for the video!
· Reply · 17 Jan '19 at 19:25
· Reply · 17 Jan '19 at 21:24
· Reply · 11 Feb '19 at 22:25
Liga.Tennis is on the top of Africa 🗻🇹🇿
Amazing view 👍
· Reply · 05 Feb '19 at 13:25
Well done!!
· Reply · 05 Feb '19 at 19:06
· Reply · 07 Feb '19 at 19:02
· Reply · 07 Feb '19 at 19:55
Hey tennis lovers! 🎾🎾🎾
We have more news today! 🍾🍾🍾
We have launched our mobile application. It's available for iOS and Android

We still working on it, but we couldn't wait to share this with you! Currently our app is working in test mode. We apologize for any inconvenience if you find some errors.

Also we'd like to ask a few minutes of your time and fill out a very short form - this will really help us to make our platform better!
· Reply · 01 Dec '18 at 20:49
Yes, don't forget to update it to have the latest version.
· Reply · 01 Dec '18 at 22:19
Yes. We are looking for update. Open your Google doc and you'll see a lot of suggestions 😉
· Reply · 02 Dec '18 at 14:42
· Reply · 08 Dec '18 at 21:23
12.04.18 at 09:23
Hafizuddin Helmi has accepted a random challenge vs El Fikrie
Kuala Lumpur League
01.03.18 at 18:22
Shamir San has accepted a random challenge vs Alex Koren
Kuala Lumpur League
22.02.18 at 17:04
Hisham Ibrahim has accepted a random challenge vs Adrian August
Kuala Lumpur League
18.02.18 at 09:29
Dill Pedro accepted the challenge from Safuan Omar
Kuala Lumpur League
15.02.18 at 09:09
Azizi Awang has accepted a random challenge vs Zarik Zainuddin
Kuala Lumpur League
12.02.18 at 11:02
Omar Aziz accepted the challenge from Safuan Omar
Kuala Lumpur League
08.02.18 at 15:50
Azizi Awang has accepted a random challenge vs El Fikrie
Kuala Lumpur League
Kuala Lumpur
Liga.Tennis Tournament is coming this month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
There will be one day only weekend fun & social tournament. Several players are coming from overseas. 

Dates: 17th of February 2018. 
City: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Format (Knock-out or Round-robin) will depend on number of players and it will be announced later.
Categories: Open Men Singles / Amateur Men Singles / Open Women Singles. 
Venue: Bangsar Sports Centre.
Time: all players must arrive to the venue and register not later than 7.30 a.m. 
Entry fee: its FREE of charge. 
For more details and to participate you should press "Join" button on the Tournament page: 
The king 🏆
Couple months ago these guys were playing in the Maldives for fun, and had no idea about another Grand Slam final. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Who will win? Your guess? 🤔
The one who first guesses the exact score by sets will receive a prize from Liga.Tennis 🏆
Roger Federer - 3:0. 
· Reply · 28 Jan '18 at 07:30
6-4, 6-4, 6-3 to Federer.
· Reply · 28 Jan '18 at 08:14
3:1 Федерер.
· Reply · 28 Jan '18 at 16:48
Nobody guessed it right 🖕😉🎾
· Reply · 29 Jan '18 at 00:26
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