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About the platform

Playing tennis is a great way to keep fit, have fun and meet new friends. For adults and kids, singles and doubles.

Liga.Tennis is a community which helps players to keep track of their improvement through regular competitive games and puts local players in touch, allowing users to post & share tennis related content and follow each other's activities. It's very easy to join: all you need to do is to register, choose an appropriate way to play tennis (Leagues, ClubsTournaments or Find a partner) and you are ready to go. It's very easy to play: you have the freedom to pick a court and time to play a match. It’s free of charge and there no obligations for you!

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Benefits for players

Its free of charge and there are no obligations for you: play with anyone, anytime & anywhere. 

Share on Timeline your scores, photos or videos. Follow people you want. Chat in the Messenger.

Change your level, city or country in one click in your player profile anytime you want. Play worldwide.

Play competitively (League, Club or Tournament) or just hit for fun without scoring (Find a partner). 

Some features:

Enjoy Liga.Tennis platform on your mobile and desktop devices.

Tennis can be a very frustrating sport. There is no way around the hard work. Embrace it. You have to put in the hours because there is always something you can improve. You have to put in a lot of sacrifice and effort for sometimes little reward, but you have to know that, if you put in the right effort, the reward will come. You have to believe in the long term plan you have, but you need the short term goals to motivate and inspire you.
Roger Federer 20th times Grand Slam champion

Global ranking

 Global ranking displays the total number of points that players earned worldwide: in any Leagues, Clubs or Tournaments.

# Player
1. Yat Tung Lau 81 50 31 2227.07
2. Vadim Kiryeyev 74 46 28 2041.28
3. Daehyun Shin 51 38 13 1573.34
4. Oam To-aj 33 32 1 1204.07
5. Joseph Jasmanto 36 26 10 1097.97
6. thomas remy 36 20 16 930.65
7. Gregoire Mahieu 28 20 8 845.44
8. Terry Omata 31 17 14 800.3
9. Christopher Lau 21 21 0 797.13
10. Papa Jaka Papa Jaka 36 13 23 749.61
11. Putu Agassi 18 15 3 650.35
12. Alexey Salnikov 23 13 10 618.23
13. Antonio Babini 18 15 3 604.03

Clubs are available worldwide:

Club - is a competition within a particular organization or group of people. Clubs can be public or private.


Tournament - is a competition among players of any gender or level, who have been invited by Organiser. 

Indonesia, Bali
Start date: 03.08.19 - 11.08.19
Entries close: 27.07.19
Ukraine, Киев
Start date: 09.12.18 - 09.12.18
Entries close: 08.12.18
Indonesia, Bali
Start date: 01.02.18 - 06.06.18
Entries close: 31.01.18
Indonesia, Bali
Start date: 02.10.17 - 12.11.17
Entries close: 02.10.17

Still have questions?

We've got answers! 

The process is super easy and very quick. It takes 3 min. To apply as a player, click on ‘Join now’ on this page and follow the simple steps. Then you will be able to create your simple tennis player profile directly. Soon enough, you will ready to have a lot of fun playing in Liga.Tennis!

You can choose to play competitive games (League, Club or Tournament) or just hit for fun without scoring (Social Hitting). These are following differences:

  • League - is a competition within a particular region (for example, Bali League or West Sydney League) and it is always open to the public: anyone can join.
  • Club - is a competition within a particular organization or group of people (for example, Federer Fans Singapore Club). Just like with Facebook groups, Clubs can be public (everyone can join in one click) or private (Club Organizer must accept new members). Each player can be a member of different clubs.
  • Tournament - is a competition among players of any gender, age or level, who have been invited by the Organiser. Compared to League or Club competitions, you will get more points for winning matches in a Tournament (the more you advance in Tournament draw, the more points you get for each win). 
  • Find a partner - is available for those who are interested in less competitive games (without scoring and sending challenges) and just want to find new hitting partners of any age, level, and gender. 

It depends on where you live. 

  1. Leagues. Join one of our Leagues if they are available in your area. Please check all open Leagues here. 
  2. Clubs. If you don't see any Leagues available in your city, you can join one of the existing Clubs or create new Club in your area, invite just a few or even hundreds of your friends, and enjoy all the features of Liga.Tennis platform (and even make some money). More details on Clubs here.
  3. Tournaments. Tournament - is a competition among players of any gender, age or level, who have been invited by an Organiser. This means you can join a Tournament as soon as you receive an invitation from an Organiser. Or you can become an Organiser. Contact us if you are interested to organise Tournament in your area. 

 It's absolutely free of charge for all parties: players, coaches, courts and other tennis related organizations. 

As a player, you can play with anyone within your Level: anytime and anywhere. There are no obligations even if you play only one match in a month. You and your partner will directly agree on a venue and who provides the balls. It's up to you how to split the cost and book the court, etc.

It's up to you. There are no obligations even you play only one match in a month. But as more matches you play, as more points you get and more better you get! As a player, your level ranking position is determined by a total number of earned points. You earn points for every match you play on Liga.Tennis. You get more points if you:
✔️play more matches;
✔️win more matches;
✔️challenge and win more matches over opponents who are higher than you in the ranking. Accordingly, you earn less points if you challenge and win matches over opponents who are lower than you in the ranking;
✔️win a match in straight sets rather than with a tie-break;
✔️win more games in each set.

Yes, you can. In your player profile, you can change country and area in just one click anytime you want. So you can challenge new people and they can also challenge you. All points that you earn while traveling will be accounting in your Global ranking standings.

See complete Rules & FAQ here

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