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Cozy Tennis

Adresse: Cozy tennis Chit Chommanat Alley, Dok Mai, Prawet, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand
Téléphone: +66 88 297 2124
Nombre de courts: 4
Surface: Dur
Caractéristiques: Extérieur, Mur, Douche
Ajouté par Joris

A nice location to play tennis. The courts are roofed against the sun (not against heavy rain because it's not wide enough).

Good surface (slower than most), high quality fencing and there is a net between two paired courts so you won't get bothered by balls flying over.

Also there is a stairs to a high balcony at the clubhouse which gives you an excellent oversight over two courts.

Friendly staff as well.

Can buy drinks and balls.

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