Liga.Tennis Open 2021 Enregistrement terminé
Indonesia, Bali
Bali Tennis
Date dé début: 06.11.21
Date de fin: 14.11.21
fin inscription: 02.11.21
· Répondre · 05 Nov '21 at 05:52
Will be exiting game after all silent in pandemic situation😍😍😘
· Répondre · 03 Nov '21 at 17:32
Attention all participants!!!

The DRAWING OF ALL THE CATEGORIES in the upcoming Liga.Tennis Open 2021 will be held TODAY, November 3rd, 2021 at 5:00pm at the Liga.Tennis Sports Club in Sanur.

Remember…. So you know what category to Join:
Intermediate - players with dependable game, fairly new to competition
Advanced - more experienced on games and has club or Regional/National competition games.
Open - have played national and international level tennis, ATP or WTA, current or ex Player.

Everyone is WELCOME to witness the drawings!
· Répondre · 03 Nov '21 at 05:16
Hello Jordan, glad to join this event! would you explain the categories of open and advance? Thanks
· Répondre · 04 Oct '21 at 16:28
HELLO ONCE AGAIN! I APOLOGIZE FOR THE CHANGES but to really be able to have a GREAT event, we want to be fully ready and after looking at the dates again, we are now CONFIRMING THE NEW Tournament dates..... here it is!!! November 6th (Saturday) to November 14th (Sunday). New name is LIGA.TENNIS OPEN 2021... once again, we request that if you have registered for Mid Year Tournament but can not play on this new dates, please UNJOIN from the tournament.... THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR PATIENCE.
· Répondre · 22 Sep '21 at 05:56
Hello to everyone! Sorry to have taken so long to have any updates regarding our Tournament but with the current conditions, plus the PPKM, it was difficult to finalize anything… until NOW! The NEW date for the Tournament Will be from October 24th to 31st, same categories, same proposed locations (Umalas, Nusa Dua, Sanur)…. But a NEW NAME…. LIGA TENNIS OPEN 2021! Please stay tuned for official announcement and BIGGER PRIZES!!! For players that have Already REGISTERED but CAN NOT play on the new dates, we REQUEST that you UNJOIN from the Tournament so we can have a more accurate list… THANK YOU!
· Répondre · 20 Sep '21 at 06:11
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