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Sunshine Court

Ajouté par Joris

Adresse: Sunshine Court, Sukhumvit Road, Phra Khanong , 10110, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand
Téléphone: +6623922166

This used to be Bangkok Tennis Gang's home court. Surface is not great, but not terrible either. There is not a lot of space behind the baseline and on the sides, so it can happen that you hit the fence with your racket or that you can't get to a ball which goes into the fence on the side. Price is a bit high, considering what you get in return.

You can not buy any drinks or food here, but there is a shop at about 5 min walk distance. Or just go to Santisuk court wich is nearby. Buy your drink there and bring it back to Sunshine.

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