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Panya Village Clubhouse

Ajouté par Joris

Adresse: Panya Village Clubhouse, Suan Luang, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand
Téléphone: +6623003391
Nombre de courts: 3
Surface: Dur
Caractéristiques: Extérieur, Casiers, Douche

What seems to be in the middle of nowhere if you look on the map, someone built a classy sportsclub in a neighbourhood filled with gigantic villas, isolated from the big roads.

Nice brown wood styled complex, with a roofted terrace to chill out on during the breaks, which has comfortable, cushioned chairs.

This place offers a pool and gym as well, and the bathroom/lockers makes it a first class facility.

The courts themself are in good condition. The surface seems to be a little bit fast, sometimes when the ball is near the baseline it gets some extra-terrestrial speed, but overall I was not bothered by it too much.

Court fee per hour is 150thb. 

You can buy drinks.

Knockers available.

A venue which is worth your time, and an option to consider if you live near Phra Khanong / On Nut / Suan Lang.


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