Men Tennis League, Intermediate level En Liga.Tennis Bali
14 May '18

100% wins
0% wins
Hendra Pratama Rony Tabari 6:4  6:4
Liga.Tennis Bali | Fecha: 14.05.18    

1977 (43 años) Edad 1, Enero 1978 (42 años)
Masculino Género Masculino
Indonesia Nacionalidad Indonesia
3.5 NTRP level 5.0
5 a 10 años Experiencia en el tenis 10 a 20 años
Men Intermediate level
6 Partidos jugados 0
4 Ganado 0
2 Perdido 0
54 Puntos 0

Sorry Om, delay on updating due to login failure from mobile; I have to do it with desktop.
Although you were not at your top, that was a good match. Thank you!
See you soon, once your killing forehand is back. ?
· Responder · 14 May '18 at 07:02
No worries, terimakasih utk updatenya. Mas yg jd admin deh as you are more familiared operating this site. Anyway, it was really nice to play again to though, after more than a year not playing tennis let alone play on singles. Really thanks for having a match with me and make my body feeling sore. Haha. Please let me know anytime you want to have a hit again or with clubs. Last but not least, happy shaum Ramadhan...minal aidin wal faidzin. Salamu'alaykum brother. 
· Responder · 14 May '18 at 09:42
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