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Global ranking

Global ranking displays the total number of points that players earned worldwide: in any Leagues, Communities or Tournaments.

# Player
1. Anatoly Shegay 53 47 6 470.42
2. Denis Laduba 11 10 1 386.27
3. Dmitry Shcherbakov 25 14 11 311.4
4. Antoine Tuan 98 62 36 286.5
5. Eduardo González 81 45 36 272.8
6. Ulrik Cordt Rasmussen 41 12 29 232.4
7. Troy Dotulong 34 28 6 228.08
8. Samy Montels 43 12 31 216
9. Vadim Kiryeyev 217 164 53 199.84
10. Mykhailo Reshetniak 5 3 2 180
11. MINGYU KIM 19 5 14 120
12. Aymeric Chotard 7 4 3 118
13. Dave Arnold 16 11 5 87
14. Antonio Babini 7 6 1 86.42
15. Miguel Jordan Sanchez 9 5 4 84.4
16. Daniel Grainger 10 4 6 79
17. Wesley Viananta 6 6 0 73.53
18. Nikita Borodin 22 2 20 73


Community - is a competition within a particular organization or group of people. Communities can be public or private

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Indonesia, Bali
Start date: 15.10.22 - 22.10.22
Entries close: 17.10.22
Indonesia, Bali
Start date: 06.11.21 - 14.11.21
Entries close: 02.11.21

Still have questions?

We've got answers! 

It's absolutely free of charge for all tennis players, anywhere in the world.

The process is super easy and very quick, it takes less than a minute. For better experience, we highly recommend to download our app for iPhones or Android devices.

There are 3 levels available on Liga.Tennis: Beginner, Intermadiate and Advanced. Each player can choose up to 2 closed levels.
Beginner. You have recently begun playing and are not confident with all your shots. You have little competitive history of tournaments etc.
Intermediate. You can hit most shots to a good level, and are confident serving and playing points. You may have some experience in amateur tournaments or leagues before.
Advanced. You are a very confident player with solid shots and perhaps a big weapon. You may have played for a club or in tournaments at regional/national/international levels.

It’s up to you. “Play locally” means that you will be sending a challenge to anyone around you within 30km. “Play within a Community” means that you are already a member of that Community and your matches will be against another members. Both Local and Communities have its own rankings.

Community is a particular organization or group of people (for example, Federer Fans Singapore Community). Just like with Facebook groups, Communities can be public (everyone can join in one click) or private (Community Organizer must accept new members). Each player can be a member of several different communities.

Everytime you are playing a challenge, you earn points and advance in your ranking. 
Community ranking position is determined by points that are earned while playing matches only in that particular Community. Local ranking position is determined by points that are earned while playing matches within 30km around a player location. Global ranking position is determined by the total number of earned points. You can earn points by playing at any available location, Community or Tournament matches around the world.

As a player, you can play with anyone within your Level: anytime and anywhere.  You and your partner will directly agree on a venue and who provides the balls. It's up to you how to split the cost and book the court, etc.

It's up to you. There is no minimum amount of matches you need to play in a month. But the more matches you play, the more points you get and the more you improve!  As a player, your ranking position is determined by a total number of earned points. You earn points for every match you play on Liga.Tennis. You get more points if you:
✔️play more matches;
✔️win more matches;
✔️challenge and win more matches over opponents who are higher than you in the ranking. Accordingly, you earn less points if you challenge and win matches over opponents who are lower than you in the ranking;
✔️win a match in straight sets rather than with a tie-break;
✔️win more games in each set.

Yes, you can. In your player profile, you can change your country and area in just one click anytime you want. So you can challenge new people and they can also challenge you. All points that you earn while traveling will be accounting in your Global ranking standings.

See complete Rules & FAQ here

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