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Are you coach, venue, club or a tennis related organization? Or are you just playing tennis with your friends on weekends? Create new Tennis Community in your area, invite just a few or hundreds of your friends, and you are ready to enjoy all features of Liga.Tennis platform (and even make some money). It’s free of charge, and there are zero obligations.

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Russia, Moscow
Russia, Новосибирская область
Singapore, East Coast
Russia, Ростовская область
Ukraine, Киев Украина
Indonesia, Malang
Indonesia, DKI Jakarta
Indonesia, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
Indonesia, DKI Jakarta
Indonesia, DKI Jakarta
Spain, Madrid
Russia, 31 Белгород
Costa Rica, Alajuela
France, Île de france
Brazil, São Paulo Itatiba
Brazil, São José dos Campos
France, Rhône alpes
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