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13.12.19 at 23:08
Nash Nasser sent the challenge to Natasha Battishka
Red Oaks tennis club
28.10.19 at 05:23
Natasha Battishka won the match against Nash Nasser
Played 09 Oct '19 at 17:30
Red Oaks tennis club
6:4  6:2
23.10.19 at 06:49
Nash Nasser vs Ace OfBaseline match is suspended
Played 03 Oct '19
Red Oaks tennis club
This match needs to be finished, like, NOW... or whenever is most convenient for you.
· Reply · 23 Oct '19 at 03:53
04.10.19 at 02:50
Nash Nasser lost the match to Natasha Battishka
Played 01 Oct '19 at 13:00
Red Oaks tennis club
63:77  6:2  1:6
Thank you for a thrilling match, Natasha. A real nailbiter in the third set.
· Reply · 02 Oct '19 at 21:47
01.10.19 at 03:28
Bobby Bill accepted the challenge from Nash Nasser
To be played 25 Dec '19 at 10:15
Red Oaks tennis club
There's no mixed singles league apparently.
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