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20.11.19 at 09:07
Brol Yaroslav declined the challenge from Anatoly Loginov
Liga.Tennis Kyiv Club
17.11.19 at 15:32
Florian Cossa sent the challenge to Lucas Ford
Liga.Tennis Kyiv Club
11.10.19 at 15:13
Maria Povstyana accepted the challenge from Inga Vna
Liga.Tennis Kyiv Club
08.10.19 at 19:08
Andrey Lyakh won the match against Богдан Штома
Played 06 Oct '19
Men Amateur level
1:6  6:4  6:4
30.06.19 at 03:02
Тамара Ничипоренко accepted the challenge from Светлана Поджарая
Liga.Tennis Kyiv Club
30.06.19 at 02:59
sent the challenge to
30.06.19 at 02:55
sent the challenge to
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