24 Oct '17
0% wins
100% wins
Jordan Sanchez jean philippe raffaelli 3:6

- Age 6, August 1980 (39 years)
Male Gender Male
Philippines Nationality France
4.0 NTRP level 3.5
More than 20 years Tennis experience More than 20 years
Men Open level
0 Matches played 0
0 Won 0
0 Lost 0
0 Points 0

Hi JP, hope you’re doing well. Let me know when you would like to play and if it’s okay with you, I’d rather not play on clay so anywhere else, can... I played my match at Istana Regency and it’s covered, it’s close to LOTTE MART so that’s an option. Have a good evening!
· Reply · 17 Oct '17 at 22:26
Hi again JP, any update on when n where we play? Let me know txs.
· Reply · 21 Oct '17 at 07:35
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