Men Tennis League, Open level in Liga.Tennis Center & Academy
02 Feb '19

100% wins
0% wins
Milan Groeppl Vadim Kiryeyev 4:6  6:3  6:4
Liga.Tennis Center & Academy | Date: 02.02.19    

1974 (44 years) Age 1974 (44 years)
Male Gender Male
Czech Republic Nationality Ukraine
5.0 NTRP level 5.0
5 to 10 years Tennis experience 10 to 20 years
Men Open level
1 Matches played 69
1 Won 43
0 Lost 26
36,08 Points 1906,73

Thanks for the challenge. Please whatsapp me +6583196672 and we will agree the time and location. I am member at Finns club, so can invite you馃檹馃檪
Reply 01 Feb '19 at 14:22
Hi Vadim, i was yesterday look to Finns club, really nice. But i stay here with all family in Hilton Nusa Dua, it is more than 1 hour by car. I need take whole family maybe to finns and speak with them first. Also have seen, that tennis at Finns this week almost full... Can you play here at Hilton? I can invite you..
Reply 01 Feb '19 at 14:29
My whatsapp +420605298268
Reply 01 Feb '19 at 14:29
Sure thing, I live in Jimbaran actually馃檪 it's about 15 minutes to Hilton 馃檪
Reply 01 Feb '19 at 14:32
Thank you, that was nice marathon match馃榿 And you are real warrior馃檪 I definitely want to have a rematch soon馃檪
Reply 02 Feb '19 at 14:08
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