Women Tennis League, Beginner level in Bali Tennis
20 Nov '21

3:6  0:3
0% wins
100% wins
Ecy Olivia Dini Sunata 6:3  3:0
Bali Tennis | Date: 20.11.21    

1985 (37 years) Age 1993 (29 years)
Female Gender Female
Indonesia Nationality Indonesia
5 to 10 years Tennis experience Less than a year
Women Beginner level
0 Matches played 0
0 Won 0
0 Lost 0
0 Points 0

Nice match Dini + Ecy馃尫 Dini + Agung safe back home. I am looking forward to play with you again soon馃槈
Reply 20 Nov '21 at 14:23
It was not an easy match at all. Mba Dini has a very strong forehand. Hope to see you guys again soon, in Jakarta or Bali 馃槉
Reply 20 Nov '21 at 15:03
Need to be more consistent, did a lot of unforced errors. Ecy's top spin is crazy. It's a good matchand so much fun! Thankss for the very warm welcome Kumi, Ecy, and all tennis friends in Bali 鉂も潳
Reply 21 Nov '21 at 09:01
thank you so much kumi, kaito, ecy. we'll see you again soon 馃檹鉂
Reply 21 Nov '21 at 12:17
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