Men Tennis League, Advanced level in Liga.Tennis Bangkok
04 Mar '21

7:5  2:2
100% wins
0% wins
Chris Mason Chris Avant 7:5  2:2
Liga.Tennis Bangkok | Date: 04.03.21    

25, September 1987 (33 years) Age 1, January 1967 (54 years)
Male Gender Male
United Kingdom Nationality Canada
5 to 10 years Tennis experience
Men Advanced level
18 Matches played 1
3 Won 0
15 Lost 1
88,5 Points 2,8

Hello, let me know when you can play, Siimoorgb best for me, try to avoid playing 11 -2 pm if hot
· Reply · 09 Feb '21 at 21:17
Hey Chris I'm happy to play every Tues/Thurs. Simoorgh quite busy at the moment but it's my favourite place to play. Next free dates for me are in March but happy to pencil something in weeks ahead (March 4th/9th/11th)...pending we can't get a court at Simoorgh maybe we could try Rungsang Courts (about a 10 minute drive om Simoorgh). Let me know what you think? Cheers have a good one!
· Reply · 10 Feb '21 at 05:50
Hi Chris, my favorite as well but no problem to try others. Tuesday/ Thursdays I have no commitments so just book what you can and let me know.
· Reply · 10 Feb '21 at 10:51
Chris alright I'll be in touch by the weekend with confirmation. Have a good day cheers!
· Reply · 10 Feb '21 at 10:58
Simoorgh can't do us on that time Chris. So I'm going to try and book us a court at Rungsang for 3-5pm on the March 4th (It's about a 10min drive from Simoorgh) please let me know that's ok? I'll call them once I hear back. Cheers!
· Reply · 11 Feb '21 at 15:09
Confirmed booked March 4th 3-5pm Rungsang. See you there Chris cheers!
· Reply · 12 Feb '21 at 13:19
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